WY NOT?! Work Hard

Having worked as many jobs as I have in just a decade, I have done a lot. From the nice cushy jobs, all the way down to the unimaginable, Dirty Jobs-tv-show-worthy tasks at hand, I have seen (and done) a lot. I know it can be infuriating and bring us flashbacks to those nightmarish group projects in school where we have to share the credit- good and bad- with those workers who just don’t deserve it. I am definitely guilty of getting fed up and cutting corners or just skipping things I didn’t want to do, simply because I knew I wasn’t the only one, and I didn’t want to be the one stuck doing the unappealing tasks.


I finally had a moment of self-reflection, realizing that the laziness on my part only did one thing: proving I wasn’t as hard of a worker as I had given myself credit for. I know I was raised better than that, and I know my quality of work is much higher than the quality I had been giving. I had to lecture myself to stop looking at the work of others and to really start focusing on what work I am doing, and whether or not I could stand behind it.


One day, I was doing a mundane and time-consuming task at work when Colossians 3:23 came to mind. I had heard this verse all of my life but I didn’t truly understand it until I was in the midst of working and learning to give it my all. “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people”. This gave me so much more encouragement that even if I am not praised for my completion of my job’s duties, even if no one sees, notices, or knows what I am doing; God and I both know that I am doing a good job. It’s the easiest way to have satisfaction from an honest day’s work.


I know this isn’t pivotal, life-changing stuff, but it made all of the difference in my work ethic and my drive to get everything done correctly. Having work that I am proud of doing is just plain nice. Oftentimes, when I would cut corners or roll my eyes at something I didn’t see a need in doing, I would have a bad taste in my mouth, knowing it was just my laziness and pride getting in the way. I refuse to allow that to happen anymore. Even if I don’t enjoy the chores, I know it only takes a few minutes and I’m better for getting in there and working up a sweat.


There’s a quote I found that says, “Dirty hands are a sign of clean money”. You have to work to earn it, and when you do the hard work, it’s that much more satisfying to receive a paycheck for it. So get up, show up and grow up. Do your job the best you can and ask yourself if you can stand by the work that you’re doing.




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