WY NOT: Trust Your Gut

In everyone, there is some sort of a moral compass that has been instilled in us since birth. For many of us, it has to do with our family. For us believers, it has to do with God and the Bible. For others, it could be their friends’ influence that helps to guide them through tough waters. Regardless of where it comes from, we have it. We have the internal nudges and clear cut directions in our heads when faced with different situations. Whether or not we follow those guidelines is another story.


For me personally, I know 100% if I should or should not do something, clearly and solely based on my intuition. I have the strongest gut instincts and I never have to sit and wonder. However, I am also often bullheaded and willing to trade in my safety net for a new experience, that I don’t always tune in to my instinctive “right” or “wrong”.


But it never fails to teach me a lesson in the end, when what I always knew wouldn’t turn out well, inevitably falls to pieces. In those moments, I go back to the beginning and have to hang my head and apologize to my gut for failing to listen to it…again.


I am thankful for the life lessons I have learned through my experiences (or mistakes…cough cough). I have definitely been in situations and places I never once expected to be in, and a lot of times I had a lot of fun and wouldn’t trade those moments in for the safer route.


It is a balancing act, but it is one worth working for. I now know to evaluate myself and make sure I’m listening to my gut rather than just using it as an excuse to hold myself back. I do still push myself when I tend to be a little scaredy cat and am a little too comfortable in my comfort zone. That being said, I say “no” to things I know are not in my best interest. As awkward, difficult, and/or heartbreaking as it can be, it is always, always, always worth it.


Going through moments when you face a choice and you have to make a decision you may not be ready to make will only help to form your gut instinct that much more. Life has a way of not waiting for us to be ready. That’s why we have to go through the tests before we learn the lessons.


Just keep in mind in those moments, you’re not alone and nothing is permanent. One of my favorite quotes is, “If you think you have blown God’s plan for your life, rest in this. You, my friend, are not that powerful.” -Lisa Bevere


Keep in tuned to your gut and listen to the voices guiding you along, whosever they may be.





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