WY NOT?! Bake It Till You Make It


The other day I was at a favorite thrift store with a friend and I hit a jackpot in the book section. I found a stash of cookbooks, from cupcakes and seasonal to casseroles and veggies (haven’t quite used that one yet). I had so much fun thumbing through them all, looking at new and exciting ideas while also finding some simple recipes for classic favorites. I don’t consider myself a Ree Drummond in the kitchen, but I can make more than just cereal, so I wanted to try them out.


I bookmarked each one that piqued my interest, or even some that seemed a bit of a challenge, so maybe I could learn a new technique. With every new recipe I dive into, I gain so much confidence when something turns out right, along with new knowledge on something I’ve never even attempted before. The best part is sharing my little creations with friends. While I love to eat, I could never eat 50 spinach balls, or an entire apple pie. It’s a great excuse to bring a dish to a friend’s house, or even invite someone over for a home-cooked meal.


Baking and cooking, while I do thoroughly enjoy doing them, are not my main passions, nor my strengths. By giving myself a little challenge, I feel like I’m back in school (in the best way possible). Natalie Portman has the perfect explanation as to why it’s so enjoyable: “I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.” In some ways, school is excellent in expanding your awareness about opportunities in the world you may never have known about before. Trying to continue on that route can get a little more challenging (and more expensive) when you’re a full-grown adult, out of school.


It doesn’t have to be a big commitment, just attempt something new and be open to laughing at yourself. You don’t have to master everything you try- set down your ego and pick up a whisk (or whatever it may be that you try)…after all, you have to whisk it to get the biscuit. (I apologize for my puns, except not really, I find myself hilarious). Ask someone who may be a little more experienced for advice or help if need be. Most people who have the passions love to teach others and watch them excel.


All I am saying is try. No matter what it is, how small of a challenge or how out of your comfort zone it may be, just give it a shot. Don’t give up if you fail miserably (I may or may not have added three times as much pepper as one recipe called for, AND covered an entire stovetop with a bag of cornstarch…which is very difficult to clean up. Ask me how I know). Have fun, experiment, and learn. You just might find a passion you never knew you had, or a talent you never expected.




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