WY NOT?! Adventure Year

Tomorrow, I hop on a plane. Then, I hop on 4 more. Today I turned 26. Twenty-six! This is going to be a big year. I can feel it. (I even had a very realistic dream of something truly wonderful in my future to welcome me into this year).


I am beyond excited to travel outside of my precious US of A for the very first time. I am speechless, almost in awe of the very idea of the adventure that lies ahead of me. I don’t even know what to expect. But all I can think about is: if this is how my 26th year starts, I owe it to myself to keep the adventures wild. I won’t back off from dreaming big just because I did something big already. I don’t want to wait for the milestone birthdays. I want to live while I’ve got the chance.


So however old or young you are, whatever goals you may have, go big. Go for it. Don’t make an age a deadline. Stop making excuses and make yourself a priority. None of us are promised tomorrow. Better make today count, while you have the chance.


I’m sorry this one is short and sweet. This is an easy one though- you just have to get into action.


Love y’all.



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