# Word for the Day

To waste time doing nothing….







1. to waste time doing nothing.   2. to waste time doing stupid things   3. to delay, dilly-dally, especially before leaving the house to be on time somewhere.



Example 1: “I didn’t do anything on Sunday; I just faffed around the house.”


Example 2:


Person 1: “I can’t decided between these 2 jackets to wear to the movies. Which one? Where is my black hat? Oh wait, let me get my phone. Do you know where I put it? Oh and did you feed the cat dinner? Maybe I can just check email really quick right now; we have time.”


Person 2: “Stop your faffing. We have to leave now or we won’t make it.”


Example 3:
“He faffed around on the internet for so long that he was almost an hour late meeting us at the bar.”


Thanks to Urban Dictionary

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