“When You Know….. You Just Know”



Sound familiar right?  It seems that in some shape or form there is a way that this phrase pops up when I need to it hear the most. There is such a feeling of wondering if where I am and what I seem to be waiting to have happen has already perhaps happened and was completely different than where I had once envisioned my life. That perhaps, where I am is the absolute perfect place to be. That maybe some of the things that I long to achieve, that seem like they will never happen; are just taking longer than what seems comfortable.  If everything was comfortable though, we would never grow, change and learn the biggest lessons that life and God has to teach us.


At work today I overheard a conversation that reminded me to never stop believing that God had it. We live in a world that pushes us and either can make or break us into varying versions of ourselves. Some versions being better than others.  I am just as guilty as the next person of forgetting that God has the perfectly laid plan for my life.  Sure for the most part I talk a really good talk. For me walking the walk doesn’t catch me up too much . I really do love my life and almost 99.9 percent of the time I am perfectly content in my life and where God has me.  I am usually the first in my circle of friends to lead the way in reminding my friends that where they are is exactly where God means for them to be. The key to true happiness is not found in earthly things. I need only to trust that God has it. Sure me not worry, seems easy enough right?  Almost always it seems, just when I find contentment and happiness in my life of being young, single, fairly successful; the inevitable happens and one of my friends becomes engaged, married, or announces that they will soon be parents. Not that my life is unfulfilled, it is quite the opposite and is so full sometimes I have a hard time playing catch up.  I do, in these moments of doubt, find myself wondering why those specific milestones have not happened for me.  Are they milestones that I truly want or do I just want what I don’t have?  Is the grass truly greener on the other side? Who decides what milestones are the ultimate ones to have?


I am one of the last few standing in my circle of friends that is unattached and living the single life. For all of the times that they have to check with their significant other as whether or not they should or should not go somewhere I only have to check my work schedule to see what free time I have available.  I generally love every minute of not having to think of anyone else’s schedule and just going and doing as I please.  Admittedly I do find myself wanting to share all of my little and big moments with someone that journeys this world. I have loved the moments in my past of holding hands, laughing over nothing, hugs, or just simply being in the presence of someone that I loved.  They all seem like small snippets of something greater to come. If that was such a great thing I can only imagine what God has planned next.  For all of the times I thought I had finally found my love story with the one God had created just for me only to find that there were other plans in the works.  I rest in the promise of greater things to come than I can ever imagine.  Life and loving are not about settling for less than God’s absolute best. It takes a measure of faith and trust to know that there is more than what we think is so important at the time. It, at times, is way easier said than done. But perhaps if we never went through these moments of wondering we would never actually appreciate it when it does.


To know that God calls each of us to where we were meant to be all along gives me more peace and knowledge when I find myself doubting the most. It is human nature to doubt. It’s a part of what makes us human. To survive in the world we learn to use our best judgment to decide where and how to go about life. With that judgment lies a sense of doubt. We wonder if we made the right choice or what if we had tried something else.  But what it we began to doubt less and trust more? To hear the stories of how my friends just knew they were with the one that they had long awaited brings me hope and a promise of more than even my imagination can make.  


I rest easy in the knowledge that regardless of where my relationship status is, I will never walk this world alone. The love that my heavenly Father has for me trumps any earthly love that I could ever have. People, though they have no intention of failing others, WILL fail others. No one is perfect. Life and learning how to love on a day to day basis is a life lesson well worth the learning.  Perhaps we never actually stop learning how to love.  Maybe we learn to love just a little bit more and trust in the plan that lies before us.  The promise of love that will sustain us each day is what drive the want and desire to a true presence of being the change, loving always and trusting that one day each of our stories will be written with more love than we can ever imagine.  #talesofasiren

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