When You Have Made Your Peace


Life is full of the unexpected and at times it is filled with uncertainty that seems to surpass understanding when we find ourselves in the midst of the what is unfair and daunting to the peace that we each strive to find as life throws us curve ball after curve ball.  Where do we find peace when the world around us seems to take us for a run out of nowhere and what we had once found to be the perfect situation or relationship is not quite so perfect?  Perhaps it’s facing the end of life and we need to seek the peace that comes only from up above when life tries us to the very core of who we are.


What do we do when we are shaken out of the place that we thought would be without fail. It so easy to think that we have something that is unshakable and won’t fail us. But truth be told life happens and nine times out of ten something unexpected will happen and we will be shaken to a new place and experience. It is however how we respond, not how we react that has the biggest impact on those around us. We are human, therefore we have emotions and feelings.  The question comes to mind though: how long do feelings of such things last? Do they change over time and how does the perception of where we find ourselves change? Sometimes feelings and emotions need to time to be processed and felt to the fullest. To fully understand why we react in the way that we do when these moments happen are real and not without merit. We have feelings and emotions for a bigger purpose than we realize sometimes. Some would call it a gut feeling others would perhaps say that were called to where they are.  When we come to the understanding that God had us right where we were meant to be all along is where the true spirit of peace can find us.


Senseless and pointless things happen. They are life altering and usually cannot be taken back once they happen. But there is always a bigger picture than we can see in the moment.  Funny isn’t it how one can look back on a long season of hardships and challenges and realize why it all happened years down the road. Hindsight is one of life’s greatest gifts! To remember that there are many facets to each season that we face is what makes each season worth all of the lessons we learned along the way.  Were those times meant to be easy or without heartache?  Sadly no.  To live in a fallen world means that we will face hardships and times will be tough. We will suffer loss and not always know why bad things happen to good people. How do we throw a curve ball back and show the truest form of love when it is the absolute last thing that we want to do? Not that I am always successful at such merit. There are more ways than I would ever like to count that I have failed someone that I love or not acted in a way that I knew was not right and I went with what was felt. Feelings change and emotions can be a real roller coaster. It is in these moments that I have been reminded time and time again that life goes beyond me. There is deep calling to do more and be more of a Christ filled presence when we let God do his work through us even in the most difficult times.


To say that I do this all of the time would be a huge stretch. But to strive to do so gives us a drive and purpose in whatever challenge we face as we set out each day to make a difference.  A week ago I stared the prospect of death in the face. I remember thinking this is it. I know where I am going but is this really the end?  Is my work here on earth done? There is so much more to be done.  If it is my time, than here I am God. There was certain peace found knowing where my destination was and yet a call to do more and be more to each person that I hadn’t met yet and to each person that I held so dear.  It was a reminder that life is a gift and sometimes can be shortened when we least expect it. It was a call to be a bigger change, to grow and seek more God filled moments. We know not what tomorrow may bring. It’s what we each do today that makes the world a better place.  #bethechange #lovealways #talesofasiren

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