When It’s OK To Be Just OK


Life can be full of ups, downs and plenty of in betweens. There have been many times in my life that I found myself doing my best to carry on. Other moments have been filled with momentous occasions that felt as if nothing could drag me down.  Sometimes it is a matter of being just ok. It’s where we learn to draw our strength and find that it is not just ourselves that we rely on. There is so much more to life and where we find ourselves. There is strength found when we least expect it and always when we need it the most.  It goes well beyond this world and surpasses all understanding.


It has been in my most doubtful moments that I have found myself in conversations and humbled by people that seem to be right there when I was in need of just what it was that I needed to hear in that particular moment. Life is and will be full of doubt. To live in a fallen world means that there will be trials and tribulations. There was never a promise of life being easy.  When we learn to rely on strength( not of our own making) as well as those that surround us and uplift us help to make these moments better than ok. These moments remind us that we are never really alone as we journey this world. These conversations can shape and mold us. Conversations can have bigger impact than we realize and can make a bad season so much better.


To seek God filled conversations is what can fill us the most. There is a peace and quiet found when we seek Him first. Why is it that we seek him when things in life are less than perfect. We have all been there before, The age old saying of when it rains its pours can feel like it can break us when times are hard and less than ideal. To seek more than what we are is what makes life and all of its troubles not quite so troublesome.  There is a greater strength to be found when we seek it and it can help make the moments of just being ok better than we realized.


When we realize that sometimes it really and truly is ok to be just ok is when we can find a strength within ourselves that can free us when we least expect it. Being free of the pressures that we put on ourselves to be more than just ok.

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