Use the Blessing of Loneliness in Your Favor

Every morning the same thing happens: we start off the day by creating some noise around us as attempt to disturb the noise going on inside of us. You surely don’t like being alone with yourself and enjoy the process of having your hands taken and yourself brought down to your heart to face your biggest fears and discover who you really are, what you really like and what you really want in your life. These things might be completely different from the things that we think we want and whom we think we are, which most of the times matches exactly what our family and friends expect us to want and be.


I also don’t like being alone by myself and listening to the noise inside. It’s human nature!  We have been purposely created by God in a way that is pleasant and easy for us to focus all of our attention outside of ourselves and very unpleasant and hard to listen even to the minimum amount of the noise going on inside of us. It’s a matter of mathematics and it works like this: listening, analyzing and transforming thoughts and feelings takes a lot of calories and has unpleasant immediate outcomes, therefore we open up Facebook and scroll down page after page spending hours receiving the small but free and immediate amount of pleasure that it offers by checking out people’s life for no reason.


Small portions of immediate and free pleasure obtained by distracting you from yourself = better then listening, analyzing and changing the inner turmoil that you know you should be working on.


As a result we run far away from the empty spot of loneliness and surrender to a addictive and vicious time on Facebook, Instagram, Game of Thrones and beers with friends. Who hasn’t?


And as life has its way of bringing us back to facing whatever will make us stronger and more fulfilled, sooner or later we find ourselves again completely alone, bored with life, far from the family, angry with our spouses and probably with no internet connection. Moments like this are truly a blessing if you manage to remember that they are previously planned and purposely given to us from above in order for us to go deeper and deeper inside our ego and learn how to build up our own self by listening to the noise within, which is always going on.


As a person who has experienced the deepest level of loneliness that is possible for a human being to experience and still overcome, I can say that loneliness, when it comes to you and hopefully it will if you are lucky enough as I have been, has to be a reminder of God’s actions upon you. He greatly refines you by leaving you alone by yourself for a great period of time.


It is just how nature works. It is just how the law works and it’s just how you can have a reason to go deep inside of you and bring to the surface of your life who you really are and what you really want. In the end of the process you become a fine, fearless and faithful piece of gold, capable of receiving the incredible amount of pleasure nature itself wants to fulfill you with.


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