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Getting fit is often one of the goals people are pursuing while trying to manage their job, family, career, and enjoying a bit of free time as well. Putting it this, it seems like a nearly impossible goal to achieve.

But what if fitness is not inconsistent with the other aspects of life? What if it is exactly the other way round? I believe that principles of fitness can be applied to any part of our lives.

Let´s have a look at what exactly fitness is. Oxford dictionary first offers a definition related to physical fitness:

“The condition of being physically fit and healthy.”

However, the more important thing is that if somebody is fit, they are “suitable to fulfil a particular role or task”1 , whatever the task might be. There are different roles we have to deal with every single day, and as long as you deal with it, you are fit. In fitlistic articles I want to praise this second type of fitness, one that cannot be measured by physical tests.


Fitlistic Lifestyle focuses on fitness but strives to use holistic approach. In our podcasts I will introduce and hopefully extend your knowledge about different types of fitness. As fitness is such a broad term, I decided to break it into several categories.


  • Physical
  • Nutritional
  • Medical
  • Mental and emotional
  • Social


Each week an article will be introduced related to one of these categories. I believe that being fit means maintaining all these aspects of life in balance, while embracing one’s individuality.


Your Marketa


1 “Fitness.” Oxford dictionary . Oxford University Press , 2017. Web. 25 Mar. 2017. <>.




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