Life has this way of never stopping. We all just continue to go and go and never really seem to find the time to just sit back relax and take in life and all of it’s awesome moments. There is a definite push and expectancy to do more and be more and keep on pushing to do more at the fastest rate that we can. In a microsecond we can find whatever piece of information that we may need or do research on particular person, place or sheer happening that seems to be the center of attention whenever the need to do such a thing calls.  There is instant gratification when we can search for something online and within minutes have it being sent to our house. What has happened though to just being patient actually talking with someone, and having genuine conversation with someone?


What if we took a small step back and realized that people survived before there was a swipe left or a swipe right and that the world is full of opportunities to do more and love more than we can foresee when we have eyes to see these moments. Time and the people that we share our time with are precious! Sometimes these times are cut all too short and mean more than we can ever realize in the exact moment that we experience them.  It’s been said that hindsight is 20/20. Without that outlook we would never see what it was that we were meant to learn from each hardship or even happy time that we face as life continues to charge forward. There is no stopping change or the outcome of what we each decide. There are however direct consequences to what each of us choose to do.


Do we choose to spend time with those that we love or is the prospect of not being around people and doing everything from the keyboard in front of us more inherent to us in that moment? What would happen if what we thought was so important turned out to be less than what we had given it. The value of what we hold dear is for us to decide upon. No one makes us choose what we do. We thankfully get to choose our own path as each twist and turn of life takes us to a new adventure.


Life lately has been teaching me that time is precious, people are precious and what we do with each day we are given and how we influence those around us can either make or break a persons day. What we do and how we respond to each challenge that we face molds us into better versions of ourselves. The time that we have to do such things is what can often be cut shorter than we once originally thought possible. What was once a moment that had all the time in the world gets cut shorter than we ever thought possible. Truth be told, the unexpected happens and just when we think we can put whatever it is to another day… we have time to make room for someone, the unexpected happens and we can at times find less time we had ever originally planned for. Life (though we plan for it and all of the things to happen in it) seems to throw curve ball after curve ball. What we do with those curve balls is what really matters at the end of the day.


We will fail at times to be the ideal that we set before ourselves though I hate failure and and what it means to not do what I set out to do. Be it dancing the perfect dance piece or failing to see when a friend is in need. What do we do when we fail those around us? No one ever really and truly wants to admit when they have not held up their end of the bargain and yet because we are human we are fallible. We were never meant to be perfect. We strive to do only our best and know that when we fall short of where it is that we wanted to be, the gift of grace awaits us and God is there ready to scoop up all of the pieces of whatever broken bits we have lying around us.  Sometimes it takes being completely broken to realize the full potential of who we are becoming. Though never perfect we are constantly learning and growing and pushing through when times are tough. Tough times will come and tough times will pass. The people that we meet along the way are the ones that make the journey we live more than worth the effort. Though not all times will be easy, there will be growth.  It is all the growing that makes us into better people than we were to begin with.

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