The Waiting Game

I know for a fact that the waiting game is a part of life that will never just drop off the face of the earth.  I know that I, as well as some of my closest friends, would all love for “The Waiting Game” to drop off the face of the earth from time to time. Some seasons of life are full moments where we just wait and wait and for a change of pace, wait some more. I like to think that I have a crazy amount of patience but that would be stretching the truth just a bit. Sometimes waiting is the absolute last thing that I want to do and I just don’t want to wait anymore for something to happen.


As children we all wait for the day to come that we can drive, go places and travel all on our own.  We see what seems so perfectly depicted in the movies and what we imagine in our heads as the ideal adult life. We cannot wait for the day that we will join the ranks of adults and true “adulting” can and will commence. We at a very young age see people traveling, driving fancy cars and living in larger than life houses. A desire to have the things we see drives us into eagerly awaiting the day that we will grow up and magically attain all said life goals. Life will become somehow become the picturesque painting we had always hoped for.  The first lesson in waiting has begun at a young age and we learn what it truly means to wait. I remember my dad telling me to enjoy being a kid because once one became an adult there was no going back and that as a kid I had a great life. That I needed to make sure I slowed down enough to enjoy what was right in front of me. That waiting to grow up was a completely great thing to wait for.  I being the quite impressionable and doing pretty much anything my dad would ask for, did just that. I decided right then and there that I did not want to grow up. I wanted to be a kid forever. I was one of those weird kids that did not want to get a drivers license when the time came to drive.  My parents had to do an awful bunch of convincing to get me to drive.  Once they did that though and I learned what it meant to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, the very real desire to grow all the way up came bubbling to the surface. Although eighteen years old seemed like it would take forever to happen it happened before I knew it and I was, “gasp” an adult.  The time that had seemed like it would never happen had arrived and I was an adult.


Now with being an adult we all know that big responsibilities are entailed and there is nothing easy about paying bills, keeping a roof over your head, food on the table, and clothes on your back. I thankfully made it through the first few years of being on my own without to much trial and trepidation. I was forever grateful though that my dad had taught me the valuable lesson in enjoying being a kid. I somehow recognized that this new season of being on my own was a season to enjoy as well and that everything that I was learning was a lesson well learned and that somehow I could make it as an adult.  Around that time the movie “Thirteen Going on 30” came out.   The movie portrayed in perfection the valuable story of not wishing your life away. That some things would be worth the wait and all of the things that I at the time aspired to have, would happen and generally would happen in a bigger and better way than I could have ever imagined.  Those first few years had their fair share of bumps along the way. For each bump and bruise though I grew to be thankful for “The Waiting Game” and knew that my trust had to be built upon something greater than myself.


So fast forward to present day. Here I am yet again playing “The Waiting Game”.  My ideals and aspirations have changed a good bit and life is full of waiting. I wish I could say that I am always patient in in my waiting. We all know though, that it is much easier said than done.  It seems that I am at point in my life where almost all of my friends are either married, engaged, or in a serious relationship. They are all starting lives with someone that they love beyond measure.  I being one of the long standing single friends in my circle of friends am finding a whole new level of patience and trust as life takes many of my friends into new chapters and new beginnings of their lives. The very real feelings of doubt that it will never happen for me come creeping in.  That I will end up all alone. That statement is a statement that no one ever likes to face. Not that I am ever all alone in any chapter of my journey. My life is so rich in more ways than one. I honestly could not ask for better friends and family and those that matter most will continue on this journey with me.  I am however continuously learning what it means to wait for that next chapter of my life. More importantly I am learning to love the chapter that I am currently in. That I don’t need to wish any part of my life into existence. As I told one of my best friends the other day, I would much rather be on my own, living a life full of love than trying to live a life that I forced, and that is without love.  The age old saying of putting the cart before the horse comes to mind. If that chapter of my life that I thought was so important at one point is not written, than there is an even better one than I can ever imagine in the making.  Having faith the size of a mustard seed, means trusting that there is plan even when we doubt it the most. That we as human beings never walk the world alone. Now the hopeless romantic in me can’t help but believe that there is someone out there for everyone. That we each just know when it’s right with that one person and that it will happen for each person that I hold dear in my life.  Not that I’m saying sitting at home and waiting your prince charming is the way to be either. One cannot meet people sitting at home longing for something to happen. I am not much of a sitter anyways and I absolutely love meeting new people.  One must go out and about and perhaps try something new. One must have faith that it will happen, that somewhere out of the blue when a person least expects to find the one, it happens and one just knows. That is exactly what has happened for at least eighty percent of my family and friends. Whoever that person is if that is part of my journey will be more than worth the wait. “The Waiting Game” continues on and each player wonders what it is that will happen next.


Each day comes with the opportunity to be bigger and better than we think . We can all strive to enjoy the moment we are in on a day to day basis. Not one day is like another and each day is a grand adventure waiting to happen when we let it. Perhaps ‘The Waiting Game” isn’t so bad after all. If we never had to wait for things to happen, than we would never fully appreciate the said thing or moment we finally attained.  So here is to waiting and enjoying each moment we have on our journey of life to always strive to  #bethechange #lovealways #makeadifference, life is worth the wait! As it’s been said before and shall be said again, all good things come to those who wait.  Enjoy the moments of waiting, they can be some of our biggest moments of growth. Having faith when we doubt it the most can be some of the most rewarding seasons we live in.  #talesofasiren

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