The Little Things

Be thankful for the little things said my mom. You never know what tomorrow brings.  No truer words have even been spoken.  Take the time out of each and every day to see the good in the little things. What does that mean exactly?  We live in such a busy and mixed up world!  Why would taking the time to see the little things take precedence over social media and who likes whom more?  What about the latest and greatest celebrity gossip?  What would actually happen to the world if everyone took one moment out of every day to see the good in the little things?  Just what would happen in this world?  Would seeing the good hold the ability to make the world a better place?


Sure we say that it’s easy we can see the positive and we want to make a difference. Life then happens. One person can make of break how we perceive and act as the day unfolds.  I know that in moments at the bucks a shift can go from amazing to beyond frustrating in two seconds. All it can take is one person that decides that it is time to not be quite so understanding and take it out on the poor unsuspecting barista that has come to serve to there best ability. I have had coworkers in the past say that they that they deserve better. They do, as does any person, remember that all people are people with feelings, wants and desires.  But what if our perspective changed and we realized that perhaps it wasn’t us that was causing the terrible horrible day to happen?  What if the particular person we were dealing in the moment was having one of the worst seasons of their entire life ever?  We never truly know the whole story. The bits and pieces we see on a every other minute window never truly lets us have the opportunity to let us see the full story all the way around.


Most people that know me today would hardly know that I had a horrible bout with depression and at one point thought no one would miss me and that it would be just fine if I was no longer around to make life complicated to those around me.  I was in such hate with myself. Sure everyone told me that loving others started with loving who I was. But when you are battling everyday with who you are and why you exist the journey of self love seems unattainable. Now as for why I felt the way that I did, is still something that I am sure will come up in conversation more than once in days to come. The fact that I went through such a season brings a giant sense of thankfulness. Without the season of hopelessness that I went through I would have never understood what real happiness was.  The journey of learning to love who I was, was a journey worth more than words could ever say. I learned that I in order to love who I was there was One that loved me more than any earthly presence ever could. That when people and life failed my earthly expectations and shattered the realm of what I perceived love to be, there was a love that made all things more than worth the effort of trial and tribulation that made life less than what I thought it was “supposed” to be. Who in their right mind would ever give their only son for me. That was love beyond measure.  Love takes sacrifice.  It comes with great cost and is a choice. No one can make another person love them.  It happens when it is meant to happen and at times love is a choice that one makes when life is less than ideal.  Love, when we choose it, will overcome and set us free to be the change in the world but only when we choose it.


In talking with one of my dearest friends today I told her perspective was key. We could choose to react and how we react is what has the power tot change the world. Some people come in waiting for the fight to happen. Others want to merely not rock the boat. Perhaps the most favorable presence to be on this world is a pleasant mixture of these two choices. One must have the fight to see and do what is right and the spirit to know when the time is to let the cards of life fall where they will. What we do and why we do what we do can have the biggest impact on the world around us.  One doesn’t have to just take whatever it is that has happened. Being the doormat is not what we are called to do. Being the change, making a difference and when the time is right speak the the truth and know that no matter what happens we are loved. Love wins and conquers all.  We never know the whole story. The battles that one person battles are hardly ever seen with the naked eye.  The part that we play on each persons story is what matters that most. What part will you play? What perspective will you choose? Never forget that love wins.  The little things do matter, sometimes more than we will ever know. #bethechange #lovealways # talesofasiren

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