The Journey of Contentment



How many times day do we wish we were in a different place in our life? If only I had such and such or made this amount of money then I would be completely happy and finally achieve the goal of whatever it is that I have set for myself. But what happens when those things don’t happen and we find our ourselves in the same exact same job and the same exact place that we were the day prior? How then is it that we find a spark or happiness or contentment when nothing seems to be going our way? Is it really nothing or is it perhaps the perspective that we are seeing our life with? What happens when we seek to change the way in which we see life?


It is so easy for me to fall into the monotonous circle of Starbucks. Day in day out is the same routine over and over again. I see the same customers that have the same wants, needs and desires of the day before. Sometimes I am less than thrilled to be part of everyones daily routine. I mean, I serve coffee and that’s all there is to it, right? There isn’t some life altering phenomenon or is there? I’ve written about it few times before. Those specific moments that I thought oh geez I cannot take anymore that somehow quickly leads to a God goggled moment (gotta keep the God goggles on) and I find myself humbled and thankful for the very moment that only a short time before seemed impossible.  I find myself being thankful for these moments. These moments shape and mold the job into an environment that help me find true fulfillment. Everyone has to work for someone and perhaps the journey of contentment begins with seeing that perhaps you are where you were meant to be all along. That each day had the possibility to have bigger impact and positivity than we once perceived.


I know that there was once a point in my life that I thought if only I were married or had a boyfriend then I would have someone to share my life with and all things will be so much easier!  I will have a partner to share life with and all will be fulfilled in my life. Well as time and people will have it, neither one of those things seems to have made their way into my life. There have been some real feelings and some real wants and desires.  As I become one of the few left in my circle of friends that remains unattached I am constantly reminded that I am right where I need to be and that no matter where life takes me I never walk the world alone. Sure it would be nice to have that special someone to share all of life’s adventures no matter how big or small they seem to be. I then realize that I can still have all of those adventures, maybe not with just one person in particular but with many friends that walk the road of life beside me.  So I may not have someone there to hold hands with or gaze up at that stars with but I know for a fact that God and all of the people that he places in my life for however long of a season were there for a purpose and a reason. Finding contentment as a young independent adult has a mountain of rewarding attributes. I can come and go as I please, take a trip to anywhere and eat the entire pint of ice cream all on my own just because I can. I answer only for myself and make life decisions based on where I am and what needs to be accomplished.  


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