The Impact of Building a Dual Career

TripAdvisor opened up a whole new world of travel to us.   Waze changed and simplified the way we navigate daily.   Sagi Shahar aims to provide a similar revolution for individuals and their careers.  A must see message for anyone who has felt unfulfilled in their work or career.  The speech below is from the TEDxJaffa.   In the weeks to come Hashtag Media will feature an exclusive sit down interview with Sagi Shahar as part of our “Who Is?” series.



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Sagi Shahar, a social and business entrepreneur, aims to change the way people build careers in the new world. Sagi speaks about the fear of regret we all have in our career and suggests a unique way to resolve it while making an unexpected impact on society. Get ready to discover a new way to accelerate your career while accelerating the growth of the businesses in your community. Sagi is an entrepreneur with a mission to close the gap between what people could have been and what they really are.


Sagi is the Co-founder of “Nachshons” – an innovative platform that enables Young Professionals to build a dual career and accelerate their growth while accelerating the growth of their community. He is also the CEO and Co-founder of “FiveYearsFromNow” – a global start-up with a mission to change the way people make career decisions. Sagi has also co-founded the “2040 Program” which redesigns the way people are being trained and developed in business organizations.


In his previous positions, Sagi led the strategy practice at Tefen Management Consulting firm as an Associate Partner, and prior to that was part of the Business Development team at Better Place.


Sagi holds an MBA from the joint MBA program of Ben-Gurion University and Columbia University. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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