Tell Me Whom You Hangout With and I Will Tell You Who You Are

Please, allow me to introduce myself.


I’ve grown up in Brazil listening to the popular saying mentioned above all the time: “Tell me whom you hangout with and I will tell you who you are”, I’ve been told over and over again. It took me 28 years of life to see it crystal-clear and to accept it as a true statement worth of my listening, but once I did listen to it, it became my mantra and now I can’t stress enough the importance of building for yourself a society of friends that will remind you to keep on doing what you can, where you are, with what you have, for you to work exhaustively on the life mission you came here to accomplish.


My name is Mikael Ssol, originally from Brazil and now settled in Jerusalem, Israel. I develop content keeping the intention of providing my audience with the desires they have because I believe the ultimate goal of nature on earth is to develop us from a state of egoistic animals to a state of altruistic human beings.


I assume my audience has a great urge to understand the hidden laws that form life as it is and a compelling instinct to manage those laws and exhaust themselves in efforts to try and become the very greatest version they can be.


For the given reason, my posts will be all about human development, both individual and social improvement.


My blog is the outcome of a work of the heart that started over 20 years ago when, as a child, my greatest craving was to elevate my thoughts and feelings to higher place and to be the cause of development of anyone around me, meaning: how could I know and share what actions you must take to change yourself and feel the world in a completely different way.


Possessed by a burning desire to have as much life experiences as possible, in a short period of time and a compelling instinct to move on to the next experience if the previous one provided no answer to the question: What is the meaning of my life?, I spent my lifetime so far studying life to its minimum details, which I’d like to share with others from now on.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy the journey with me as we invest our time in it together.



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