5 Stars Deluxe

My name is Stefan, born and raised in the industrial center of Germany. I love music, art, fooball/soccer and travelling.

I finished school in 2012 and worked in the hotel business since. At the moment I live in Düsseldorf, Germany, planning to see the world.

Since I have travelled with my parents in my childhood, hotels have always been special places for me. It is your home away from home. It can be a motel, a 5 star hotel, a hostel, the presidential suite. It is a place where people were born and where people died, where people escaped and where people got jailed, where people found happiness and where people cried.

This always fascinated me.

On one evening, in the time of life, where you choose how our future should look like, simple question my dad asked me, lead to my personal pursuit of happiness: “Why don’t you start in a hotel?”

During the last 5 years, I met so many special people while working, visited so many special places, learned a lot about human nature and about myself. I experienced stories, which should never be told and situations, which I would never happened to me, if I had not answered to my dad’s question with “yes, why not”.

All these stories are true and either happened to me or my colleagues.

I want to tell these stories and let people know about the magic I experience every day.You are more than welcome and please let me know, if I may assist you any further. All the best.