Lauren Parks


Lauren Parks


My name is Lauren and I am enamored with the old-fashioned simple joys in life. I live in Jackson, Wyoming and attempt to enjoy each day I get to experience. Living in a somewhat-unplugged paradise definitely helps. I have taken the bucket-list mindset and applied it to everyday life, even if it seems small-scale. If something scares me, grosses me out, or confuses me, I try it. If I want something, but know I don’t need it, I treat myself- every so often. Nothing in life is worth it if you aren’t happy. I take that seriously and find joy every single day. No, I’m not happy 100% of everyday, nor is every day a good day.  But life sure is a beautiful ride if you look around.

Setting out on this great journey as the youngest in a family of 6, the only girl, and changing states every few years definitely started shaping me from the start. My parents are both born-and-raised southerners, so I claim my roots to be south of the Mason-Dixon, and east of the Mississippi. I don’t have the “best friend since diapers” nor will I ever understand the reason people stay in one location and never even make an effort to see a new place of our huge amazing gorgeous world!  I like country music, trying to be a minimalist, animals, painting and mountains.

Home to me is in the airplane window seat, a car’s passenger seat or in a hammock in a shady tree, preferably by a lake. Splurging for Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A while battling my mom at an unofficial game of “Who-Got-The-Best-Stuff-For-The-Least-Amount-Of-Money”, or as other people call it, “shopping”, or laughing and singing in a car ride with my dad…those are what my home feels like. I have a hilarious nephew and a precious niece, and even though I have to love them from a distance, I strive to show them the beauty of the world they’re getting ready to be a part of.

I write from my personal experiences, lessons learned, dreams, life, belly-ache laughing moments, and a positive outlook on life after every curve ball. You’ll see a lot of anecdotes that are probably corny and may or may not contain a pun…or three. I am a firm believer and follower of Jesus. I don’t write politics or controversial things, but I do praise Him when He has continually blessed me greatly.