Spot Miracles Everywhere!

Hi!  Today I want to chat to you about my day.  Sounding mundane? Not when you can spot miracles everywhere!


I am a part time art teacher at a school for special needs children – Aspergers, Autism and Down Syndrome, but also abused kids who struggle to adapt in main stream schools. I LOVE working with them!


I’ve been told by so many people to toughen up, or “you’re too sensitive”, but especially in these kind of settings, it is most beneficial to have a sensitive spirit! I realize every day that the number one thing that kids need, is a safe space. Emotionally and physically. To them, patience and time equals love. Challenging for sure! Yet, when you see even the smallest improvement, like, he isn’t throwing around paint anymore, it is so rewarding!


The student in the picture is Caleb, a down syndrome kid, painting away. He is such a cutie!  That was this morning. Then I go to a safe house, to teach art and music lessons.


I will share more about the safe house in the following weeks and in the video. In South Africa, there are many many orphans. Too many babies are left on the street just after birth, and land, miraculously, at these safe houses.  Barbara and Thinus Campher, have 3 of their own children, 2 adopted, and 4 babies that they look after until they find parents who want to adopt.


We have just opened up the art and music school, and we are trusting for sponsors to come on board, so that I am able to teach art and music to the orphans at the other safe houses in the area as well. I truly believe in art and music as a healing tool because I’ve experienced it myself.


Without giving away too much here today, my other “work” is designing leather handbags. I used to manufacture it myself, along with my Zimbabwean friend Rumbi, whom I’ve trained. She is the expert manufacturer now, and proud to say now business owner!  Sadly her husband left her with their 2 children, and thankfully she can support the 3 of them through her handbags!  She still manufactures my bags – you are welcome to have a look at our proudly South African leather handbags at and the story of my leather training is at Our handbags are made from excellent quality leather, some hand-stitched and some machine made. Also, a percentage of our profit goes towards the Safe House, Hagar’s Choice, where I teach.


That’s it for now! Bed time in South Africa.

Lekker slaap / Good night,



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