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We have all been there. The whole I wish I had what so and so has or if only I had made a different choice. We all make mistakes and are fallible even when we seek perfection.  Life can and will be tough. There seems to be trial after trial. It seems that there are seasons filled with all of the of the things that we seek and others that are filled with nothing but challenges and mishaps. What are these seasons for and what is it exactly that we are meant to learn as life continues on and we are left holding down the life that we live. Where do we find the answers when life does not go as we planned. What is that we seek when times are thinner than we ever imagined?


What is it exactly that makes us wonder what it is that we are seeking when we are at our weakest? What is it that we seek when we know that we all on our own are not enough? Where we meant to go it alone? Or is there a calling to be a part of something more.  What does more mean?  Where two or more are gathered it is where His presence is. Is there an inherent calling to seek more of the world beyond us when times are less than ideal. Where did this idea of being part of something greater push some us into thinking that we aren’t exclusively part of something greater than others around us. Not saying that is the norm for most people but for others there is a definitive line that is drawn in the sand. What does it take to push pass the boundaries of the comfortable and seek more than what we know?  Perhaps part of life is pushing ourselves to new levels of where it is that we see and feel that God has us. This search and longing for something seems to open doors, that at times can be uncomfortable and not easy to walk through.  But if we never sought more than what we have before us we would never seek to grow. How is it that we find balance in knowing that where we are is where we are meant to be?  All the while seeking more of God’s will and less of of our own.


Sometimes I believe that it is really and truly a feeling and calling to a place or a person that helps seek this balance between being content in where life has us and seeking more of the good that God has planned for us.  Sometimes one has to go through a whole bunch of tough times in order to find where it was that we were meant to be all along. Without going through the proverbial cliché of we being the diamonds in the rough and suddenly find what it means to be a diamond. We would never know what strength and beauty lies beneath. We would just be pretty and there would have been no true effort put into to being who we were meant to be all along. Without some form or effort there would be no real life lesson learned. We would never appropriate the journey of being valuable and we would forfeit the ability to hold dear the effort that it took to take one through the fire that was meant to destroy us.


Perhaps more of this balance is found in the people that we surround ourselves with.  We were meant to be in communion with others. We were never meant to walk this world alone. When life and all of it’s challenges seem to be too much on your own there is built in support system of the ones we hold dear and let in to the most inner workings of our mind. There is a sense of trust and seeking of knowledge that we seek council in. There is great wisdom to be found in each person that we meet on a day to day basis. To be all alone lends to solitude and the seeking of only one view point.  There is no age to true wisdom. There are opportunities each day to seek more and learn more from those that are around us. The community that we set for ourselves has the power to do two things, it is to either bring us down or lift us up. It can speak the full truth or keep us in the chains of deception and lies. Who we seek makes or breaks who we are.


Lastly expect the unexpected.  Life is full of surprises and uncertainty. But one thing remains when all else seems to fail. The overwhelming true and utter presence of something greater than ourselves is constant and true. There is a pull to be more and do more than we ever thought possible. The void has to be filled. We seek to fill the void with other things of this world. But when we seek more of Him and less of us that is where we find true peace in where He has us. It’s not always comfortable and can be less than ideal when it catches us off guard. It in the long run makes us grow and the journey of life and all of it’s adventures and fulfills the promises of plans to prosper us and not to harm us, its gives hope for the future and life everlasting.

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