Some Dare Call It Treason


Welcome back to the scuttlebutt, pull up a chair.  Here have some of the good stuff. This is going to get good.


Yesterday as I write this, the speaker of the House declared that the house was formally going to go forward with an investigation to determine whether or not to impeach the President.  This was based on a claim by an unnamed whistleblower, whose charges were unseen by the House at the time the decision was made…


The claim was that the President broke the law with his requests during a phone conversation with the President of Ukraine.  Here is a transcript of that call: 


You’ll note that copies of the original document are available below the article, and you’ll note that the original classification of this document is lined out, but legible…  I can tell you that the formatting and filing information all looks valid to this old salt. I would say that this is the REAL, UNEDITED transcript.


We’ve been told that this phone call was Treason, by someone who had never read the transcript when he made the charge.  We’ve been told that this phone call was some other sort of crime (what I’m not sure) and therefore the President should be thrown out of office.  The charge seems to be “abuse of power” (funny, I can’t find that in the law books). We’ve been told that “the president repeatedly pushed for President Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son…


OK, I’ve read it, here’s what I see, translated into simple sailor-ese:

 T “Hey, good job winning!”

Z “Yeah, thanks man, used your stuff as a model! Listen, we need to get together for a brew.”

T “Great!”

Z “I think you have the right idea about this drain the swamp thing.”

T “yeah, I do.  Listen, we can hook you guys up, we should be buds, we share a common enemy, those Russkies, and your shipmates ain’t doin’ shit for you.”

Z “NO SHIT bud, that Merkel bitch and Macron have been leaving me hanging!  You guys are the only ones hookin’ a brother up.”

T “Yeah, about that, listen, you could do me a favor… We had that Hacking thing a while back, company named Crowdstrike, seems its owned by one of your guys, I hear he’s got the server the hack was on.  We never got a good look at that. Wonder if we could track that shit down? I want to send my AG over and find out what really happened. That Idiot Mueller couldn’t find his ass with both hands tied behind him and a warrant.”

Z “Hey, got ya covered.  Least we can do is find out who tried to mess with your election.  By the way, fired that phone talker that was failing to do her job.  Oh, and one of my crew had a chat with one of your guys a while ago, he was chewing the fat with Rudy, we’re thinking we would like to get him over for a beer and Q.  Listen we’ll help you out, we’ll get to the bottom of who tried to screw with your elections. You’ve got my word we’ll investigate this shit, and it will all be clean and inspection ready.”

T “Excellent. Heard you had a real squared away guy, that got screwed over by my predecessor.  Guess he was sticking his nose where the former chief didn’t like it? Oh, and about Rudy, yeah, he’s a real shipmate, I’ll have him give ya a call.  He knows what’s what. Ya know, this prosecutor that the guy I replaced had fired… Heard he was looking into the chief’s Leading First’s KID. The leading first was bragging about how “he got this guy’s badge taken away for daring to mess with his kid.  Any truth to that?”

Z “Well that’s the smell of it, we don’t know, but we’re going to find out.  Got a new sheriff in town now that I’m in charge, and I’m going to have him find out if any laws were broken, anything gundecked… You know the drill… our big question, is was what was done legal or was someone cheating the system.  If you guys know anything about that shit, I would appreciate a heads up! Oh, and by the way, thanks for letting me know about that phone talker, she was about worthless. She loved the guy I replaced, and just would not recognize that I was the chief now.”

T “OK dude, I appreciate it!  Hey, I’ve got some extra spare parts that I can let you have if you need them…”

Z “Dude, what do you want for ’em?”

T “We’ll make you a deal.”

Z “Right on, let’s get together over beers!”

T “Dude, sound great, I’m out.”


Now I don’t see anything wrong there, the discussion seemed to be “did these guys break your laws and then use the power of the President to keep the investigation from going forward?”

“Don’t know, but we’re going to find out!”


CNN is trying to make the case that everyone should be for getting rid of the President because 1) He’s too powerful (read as we can’t make him do what WE want, don’t care if he’s doing what you want.)  You should support this if you don’t like powerful government.

2) He hasn’t gotten us into the wars we wanted him to stumble into so we could scream about his militaristic ways, damn it.  So, you should want to get rid of him.

3) RUSSIA!!!! REEEEEEEEEE!!!! MUELLER!!!!! REEEEEEEE!!!!!  He’s managed to dodge all the mud and shit we’ve thrown at him, so he MUST be guilty!

4) His VP is even more right-wing than he is, so you should support getting rid of him!  After all, don’t you want a VP to take office for a year, like Jerry Ford???


I’m just not seeing anything here to convince me that this isn’t just more of the democrats’ three-year-long attempt to negate the election and get a machine back in power… I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but I’m even less of a fan of the opposition.

It’s quite possible that Nancy was forced into a really bad place here… and that it’s going to blow the fuck up in her face… pass the popcorn.


Until next time, 

I remain,   

Yours in service

William Lehman


  1. Nicely done.

    Trump is guilty… of denying HER HEINOUS THE CHAPPAQUA CRONE her rightful and due coronation. That’s it.

    Please do come check out my site… I’ll look around yours more too.

  2. LOVE your re-phrasing the conversation, yet keeping the meaning consistent (unlike that pencil-neck dweeb Schiff-for-Brains).

  3. Speaker Pelosi apparently quoted from the Transcript before it was officially transmitted to the House or released by the President, indicating pre-submission coordination between the “Whistleblower” and the Dems.

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