Seeing The Hope of Good Around Me


I’m struggling with where to start. I am grateful that my face-to-face encounters each day contain laughter and joy, compassion for struggles and sorrow, and healing for hurt. The words I read most days rarely, if ever, contain these attributes. It seems the majority of them contain anger.


Whether it is the words I generate or the ones I share that others have generated, I want those virtual encounters to change. I want them to contain laughter and joy, compassion for struggles and sorrow, and healing for hurt.


Anger has its place as well, but not in the quantities I see shared today. Anger is a tool. As with any tool, when it is overused, it becomes dull and ineffective.


Anger can be a poison if it is ingested. If we consume it in small quantities, the rest of our healthier diet can counteract the negative effects of the harmful things we take in. I may be angry at myself for making a mistake or an unwise decision. But, if anger makes up the bulk of my diet, my body will wither.


Anger can be a weapon if it is projected. It doesn’t matter if the anger is directed at one person or at a group of people, it harms those it hits. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t ever be angry at others; again, it has its place in limited quantities. But if it is all we are projecting and isn’t tempered with love, compassion, humor, and joy, the wounds it creates rarely get a chance to heal.


I don’t know where to start, but I want to take that first step away from a constant diet or spray of anger. I can’t change what someone says or does, but I can change how I respond to it. I can change the amount of time I allow myself to dwell on things that make me angry. I can decide what I can do that will change the situation that makes me angry.


I want to see more of the good around me.


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