Seeing The Good Around My Dog


This week, it will be 9 years since my dog became my dog. He had a really rough start to his life, but I think he would say that there is a lot of good around him right now. If he could write about this, here is what I think he would say.


“I didn’t know much about what good was when I was young. People were not good. People were mean to me. They shoved us in bags and left us out in the cold to die. We didn’t die. We were found and for the first time I was touched by a person who wasn’t mean to me. I have known bad and I have known good. I like having the good around me.


Good is not getting hit for being tripped over. Good is not getting hit for barking. Good is not getting hit.


Good is an endless supply of belly rubs and scratches behind my ear. Good is a kiss on top of my head at the start of the day and as I’m going to bed at night.


Good is having food in my dish and water in my bowl. And treats here and there throughout the day. There are toys to play with and back yards to explore. And walks. Long walks where I can discover new smells.


Good is someone who knows what my gestures mean. Who knows when I need to go outside, when I’m hungry, when I’m sad, when I’m happy, and when I’m embarrassed. And when I need more belly rubs.


And riding in the car is good, most of the time. I like the car not just because it could mean I’m going somewhere fun, like the beach, but also because it means I’m not left behind.  I’m included. I’m part of the family. I’m loved.


I have known a lot of bad in my life. During the bad times, it’s strange how I knew that something is missing even though I was not sure just what. I was missing something I really didn’t know existed. I just felt this hole. I didn’t know what shape the hole was to look for what fit in there. I just knew I had an empty hole.


But then, I found what was missing and I realized that the hole is gone. And I am so happy to have it. And now my life is filled with good.”


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