Seeing the Good Around Me: Your Story


The Oscars are on. Each person in the audience is there representing a story. These stories have so many elements to it-comedy, tragedy, struggle, bravery, and hope.


Each of us have a story. There are many chapters to our stories and some of those chapters also contain these elements.


There are some parts of our story that are dull; we are in between adventures and there isn’t much to the plot. We are deep in a routine or a time when life feels predictable. When I was younger, I felt restless in these times but now I appreciate the lack of commotion around them.


There are some parts to our story that are wild waves of excitement and each moment takes our breath away as we try to take it all in. It may be one specific adventure or a time when incredible things are happening and we could never have imagined being part of this.


There are some parts to our story that are painful and each moment feels like an eternity. It is a struggle to step into this story each morning and at the end of the day, we can’t imagine how we made it through.


Our lives are filled with these and other moments. There are some chapters we write for ourselves, and others written or directed by others and we have no choice but to follow that script.


If you are in a good time right now, I hope you get to continue living this story. If not, I hope you are able to change your story.



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