Seeing The Good Around Me: Today

I think I have shared before that one of my favorite expressions is “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the ‘good old days’ before you’ve actually left them.”  It’s rare that I see the good old days as anything in the present. It’s usually in the past tense.


I think I need to know how a situation ends before I can call it good. Maybe that’s it. I can think that today’s happiness is wonderful, but if something happens tomorrow to disturb it, I have a hard time calling that good.


If I do start to decide in the present whether I’m in those good times, how do I do that? What goes into that decision? Is it because I had some life-changing event? Lots of things went in my favor? Or just that there wasn’t any physical or emotional pain in the day?


Those life-changing events are few and far between. That is probably a good thing; it would be too overwhelming to have my life changed too frequently. There are days that many things go in my favor. I got a good parking spot. I didn’t have to spend as long on a project as I thought I would. My local grocery store sells pints of Baskin Robbins.


I am thankful that physical and emotional pain is a rarity in my life. I can’t imagine what it’s like for those of you who can’t say that.  I do try to realize that while I may be having a wonderful day, there are those who are just trying to gasp for air above the waves of grief and suffering.


If I had to pinpoint what factors into the good old days, it’s people. The nudging that I get when I’m surrounded by friends or family and we are peeling back another layer of familiarity, or throwing our heads back in laughter-that nudging tells me that I’m right in the middle of it.


I hope you have a good old day today!




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