Seeing The Good Around Me: Timing


One of my mom’s favorite expressions is “Timing is everything”. What she means by this is that choosing to do or say something can be more or less successful based on when it’s done. I learned quickly that if I wanted to ask for a favor from my parents, I didn’t do it when they were frustrated or having a bad day. Or in a hurry. Or when I had just done something wrong. The likelihood of a “yes” during one of those times was pretty slim.


I still see this is an important concept when asking for things, but also see how timing factors into other parts of life.


Each place where we lived was just the right place at just the right time. I’m thankful to have been where we were, when we were there, with the set of friends that I had there and the experiences that came then. I have a wonderful set of friends and some great memories that resulted from that timing.


I had applied to pharmacy school the year before I was actually accepted. Had I gotten in that first year, I may not have chosen the degree path that I did. More importantly, one of my classmates was the one who encouraged me to apply for my current job and I can’t imagine being in any other area I love more. If I hadn’t waited until that second year, I may have made different choices. Timing is everything.


Where would I be if the timing had worked out the way I wanted it to? I don’t know the answer to that, and it’s doubtful I would be miserable since I likely wouldn’t have known this current version of my life exists and is so wonderful.


This is so easy for me to see and appreciate in retrospect but so hard for me to keep in mind looking ahead at something I want. In my limited mind, I can see how perfect the timing is right now and can’t understand why this thing shouldn’t come to pass today.


I believe that events and gifts are divinely guided, which means that I believe that there is an answer of “not yet” for certain prayer requests. This answer is hard to take sometimes, but can lead me to stronger faith if I’ll let it develop in that moment.


I’m learning that timing is part of the good around me. If I were to get everything I want as soon as I want it, I likely wouldn’t have much maturity. Just because I feel like I’m ready for something or I have hit that point in a timeline I’ve set for my life doesn’t mean it’s really the right moment for whatever I’m wanting. Anticipation can be a good thing and helps me to really appreciate what I’ve wanted when it does finally arrive. Or, if it doesn’t, I can appreciate that it’s something I didn’t need anyway.  




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