Seeing The Good Around Me: The Seekers


Everywhere you look, there are people wanting to be better.


Churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples are filled with people who want to be better spiritually. Human nature and daily living on this planet carries so much strife and chaos. Having a place to go to get perspective on the bigger picture and be reminded of principles for living that can guide and bring peace settles the soul.


Gyms, farmer’s markets, and doctors’ office waiting rooms are filled with people who want to be better physically. We may recognize that there are limitations for our bodies, but also that there are capabilities of our bodies. We seek to prevent illness from narrowing those boundaries in a way that limits our lives to a short list of options.


Libraries and mental health professionals’ offices are filled with people who want to be better mentally. I am grateful how much focus this area of our selves is receiving these days. We are equally focused on reducing the stigma of the cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and the stigma of the daily struggles caused by mental illness.


Social gatherings and family reunions are filled with people who want to be better emotionally. There are certain emotional needs that we have that can only be met through our interactions with others. I have a need need to be with others to break up my thoughts and connect with others in a way I cannot do electronically.


Those who are seeking to better themselves are part of the good around me. There is that unspoken acknowledgement that there is always something that can be changed. An unwillingness to settle for good-enough and a desire to improve. That change is contagious, and those improvements can inspire others to help make this a better world.



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