Seeing The Good Around Me: The Good Bubble


Recently I found myself in one of those moments. It was a setting where everyone is enjoying themselves and it feels like there is one central focus and that focus is to enjoy life and the people around you. I call it the good bubble.


I’ve experienced this in various settings: at family reunions, sitting around a campfire, hanging out on the porch, and at weddings. Usually there is some moment of realization that I am in the good bubble. It may be a time when someone says something funny so the entire group erupts in laughter. Or just the spirit of camaraderie that emerges from conversation. Or when I look around to see this group that has gathered to celebrate the love two people share.


One of the characteristics of the good bubble is that it is very delicate. This means that only happy moments can live there so it is free of strife or divisiveness. Somehow this imaginary boundary has managed to separate us from all of the ugliness that exists beyond the circle; these things are sharp and pointy and would burst it.


It’s an unspoken rule that self defers to we, so any little offense that may occur is overlooked. It almost becomes this challenge to see how long the bubble can last. Just one controversial topic or opening of an old wound would remove that delicate boundary so it just isn’t worth it.


I love it when the good bubble is what is around me. I long to stay there and never want to leave. I don’t want to re-enter the world with problems, arguments and negativity.


I hope you have a bubbly day.




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