Seeing the Good Around Me: The Excitement of Firsts


I am writing this on an airplane. One row in front of me is a father with a young daughter who is taking her first flight. It’s early and most of the plane is quiet, except for this excited traveler. She is pointing out all of the things she sees: “Look, daddy, the sun is so pretty!” “We are above the clouds!”


I don’t remember my first flight. I was a baby so I didn’t have those moments of awareness when I watched in wonder as this roaring machine lifted off the ground effortlessly. Or the confusion as to why my ears felt weird. Or the curiosity of watching the flight attendants perform their tasks.


There are some things I take for granted because they are familiar. I notice them, like the beautiful sunrise we saw or how we broke through the clouds, but don’t give much conscious thought to them.


Sometimes it takes experiencing something with a novice to get a renewed appreciation for those things. And sometimes it takes experiencing something with a child to remember the wonder or miracle they hold.


I hope you have a chance today to remember the wonders of the good things around you as you see them through new eyes.



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