Seeing The Good Around Me: Simple Pleasures


If you had to describe a typical good day, what would be involved? Not one of those once-in-a-lifetime good days, but the run-of-the-mill ones. A perfect day off or weekend that rests your mind and body and restores your spirit.


For some, it is about getting out in nature. Being away from compressed, recycled air and out where it feels like there are no boundaries. There is a special bond with nature that happens and it may take deliberate effort to restore that bond.


For some, it is being surrounded by their large family or group of friends. In a place where laughter and loud conversation fills the air. It reconnects us with people who are important to us and allows us to restore or grow that connection to them.


For some, it is being at home in physical and mental rest. Whether alone or with those closest to you in whose company you are most relaxed. It allows us to shed the expectations that we create or that may be placed on us in other areas of our lives.


It seems as though there has been this badge of honor placed on busy-ness, and there is almost a tone of confession when people talk about spending time in restoration. Why is that, and what can we do to change that? There isn’t any reason to think that rest is a selfish act.


I love the Italian phrase “Il bel far niente”, which translates into “the beauty of doing nothing”. It speaks to the esteem of rest, and doesn’t downplay or degrade it. I see it as the reward that awaits across the finish line of a week’s work.  


I think that these simple pleasures that refresh our minds, bodies, and spirits are part of the good around me. We were created to need rest, so I don’t think we should consider that a weakness any more than our need for food. Take today or plan for a day soon where you take part in those simple pleasures. I hope you get to “far niente” soon.



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