Seeing The Good Around Me: Secret Santa

I saw a news story today about a man who goes from place to place this time of year giving out $100 bills. This secret Santa is known to give up to $100,000 in a season to those in need or who have had their feet knocked out from under them by a hardship, such as those hit by the hurricanes and are still living in homes without drywall.  


It isn’t known who he is or how he has acquired his wealth. Just that he enjoys seeing others benefit from his work and he is tender-hearted for those who are down on their luck.


I have heard friends share how they were told when they pulled up to the drive-in window that the customer before them paid their tab. I have heard of those who will leave a waitress a significant tip after they watch her graciously handle a large party who treated her badly or were otherwise difficult.


I hope each person reading this has experienced that “tis better to give than to receive” and what a wonderful blessing it is to see someone receive what they need with something we just want.


Each time I’m on a road trip to a state with a lottery (mine is not) and see the jackpot billboards, I love to ask the question of my fellow passengers what they would do if they won that jackpot.  Each time I ask this question, there is always some plan to share the money with family/friends, charity, or both.


I think that we are a giving people. I have yet to see a news story on a natural disaster where the victims lament that their neighbors or community didn’t seem to care. Instead, the story usually is how people come together to help in meaningful, touching ways and help prop up those who can barely stand in the midst of their loss.


In this season when there is a lot of talk about giving gifts, keep in mind those small, spontaneous gifts that can really make a difference in someone’s day.




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