Seeing The Good Around Me: Relationship Foundations


Think about your relationships and how they began. Romantic relationships may have had a formal beginning, like a first date, but many relationships began in ordinary moments.


I think about the friends I have at work. Those bonds were formed through these daily shared experiences with the routine ups and downs that happen. Our offices were in close proximity to each other so conversations developed naturally. I think about my friends and other relationships I have outside of work. There may have been that physical closeness and resulting small talk that helped us recognize shared interests or alike personalities.


There was something that happened that began to form the foundation of that relationship.


I was thinking about this topic recently and see relationships as a house. The foundation is what determines how strong and sturdy it is, and that foundation is built on time and familiarity. Knowing food likes and dislikes, a story or two from childhood, and an awkward moment that creates an inside joke-these are all parts of that foundation.


Relationships can form in exciting, rare events that create a bond, but many of those are part of the roof. The roof is fragile and needs perfect weather conditions to keep it intact. Just one tree limb or a handful of hail can damage it permanently. The walls are sturdier and may weather more than the roof does, but we seem to want to paint or paper over these to make them look more attractive.


Whenever I’ve seen homes that were devastated by a storm, there is no evidence the roof was ever there and there may be several walls that are missing. But you can usually see that the foundation remains.  


My closest friends are part of my everyday life. Those small moments we share together are part of the good around me. What may seem like an ordinary, mundane experience may be the start of a beautiful relationship.




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