Seeing The Good Around Me: Legacy



The word “legacy” is defined as something passed along as from an ancestor or forefather. In this definition, I see it as some type of inheritance which impacts just a few people. I like to think of a legacy in a way that touches many people for years to come.


What makes a legacy in my mind is either a significant contribution to a situation or a large gift that many can share.


Like the person who changes the path of their life away from one that leads to destruction, to one that leads to success. Their success isn’t just a way for them to get fortune and recognition, but it is a way to encourage others to follow a similar path. They recognize those along the way who helped them make that change, and use the resources they have earned to provide help for others.


Like the person who gives of themselves and what they own to share beauty and joy with their community. What good is something beautiful if it is hidden away? They share openly and freely simply because it will serve the greater good.


Part of the good around me are those who have made these contributions and gifts. I am sure that you can think of someone who has created a legacy in your life or in your community. If you are able to, please thank them for what they have done. If you can’t, you could honor them by using their selflessness as an inspiration.


What will be your legacy?



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