Seeing The Good Around Me: Fullness



I just finished doing laundry and putting it away. My closet and dresser is full of clean clothes. I am blessed to have enough clothes to wear in each season that are intact. I am blessed to have the ability to do laundry fairly effortlessly, compared to those who have to wash clothes by hand. There is a sense of fullness in my closet.


I just finished cooking and have a fridge full of food. I am blessed to have the means to buy food, the resources to cook it, and the appetite to enjoy it. I have heard first-hand of children who went to bed having not eaten that day, and didn’t see hope of a meal in their tomorrow. There is a sense of fullness in my kitchen.


I am finishing up a week spent working at my job, helping out others, spending time with friends and family, and spending time alone. I am blessed to have a career where I truly love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything different. I am blessed to have enough resources to share with others who need them. I am blessed to have friends and family in my life as well as a place where I can be alone to rest. There is a sense of fullness in my schedule.


There are times that this fullness overflows and feels like it’s unmanageable, but even that is a blessing in itself. The opposite of that would mean that I am lacking and feel empty. There have been and will be those times, but when I am not in those lean times, it’s important for me to recognize the fullness. To see all of the blessings I have and to appreciate them while I have them. To see that all of this fullness is the good around me.



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