Seeing The Good Around Me: Be Different


There are people I know, as I am sure you do also, who are different. Different in a good way. They either have such a lively sense of humor that people linger near them just to hear what is coming out of their mouth next. Or there are others who are so innately kind that they are always looking for ways to lift someone up. Or maybe they have a gift for compassion and empathy, and are quick to recognize where others are struggling.


As we come to that time of the year where we reflect back on where we have been or where we are going, I want to be different.


I want to be like the person who knows what to say in most any social situation. She goes for quality over quantity; usually there is a pause before she speaks as she carefully thinks through her words. She may not be the one to contribute the most to a conversation but you can be sure that at the end of the day, hers are the words you’ll remember.


I want to be like the person who sees most situations through the lens of the better corporate good. He doesn’t assess every situation to strategize a move that helps him personally; he does what is best to move the group forward.


I want to be like the person who is quick to brag on somebody and point out their strengths. She can see through the film of negativity that could shape her first impression and instead she sees a beauty under that surface that others miss.


I want to be like the person who isn’t quick to grumble. I want to be like the person who meets a challenge with excitement or anticipation instead of dread. I want to be like the person who lets others see her vulnerability instead of attempting a façade of perfection.


The rest of the world can have the noise, the discord, and the insults. I want to walk on a different path with these people to be part of the change this world needs.



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