Seeing The Good Around Me: Around the Corner


I keep a journal and recently I was going back through it and came across an entry where I was frustrated with a situation I was in and didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel for it. I noticed the date of this entry, and realized that just a couple of weeks later, I met the group of running friends I’ve had for almost 5 years. I had no idea what blessings and joy were waiting for me, right around the corner.


I think often about those same scenarios, where life seems either dull, shaky, or like it’s headed on a downhill slide but then a few days later something new, exciting, or hopeful is dropped into my life.


You may be experiencing this with a relationship, job search, family struggles, or health problems. Or it may be that there aren’t any major struggles going on, but just that the routine of daily life doesn’t have the type of excitement or anticipation you’d like for it to have.


I think this is the reason I tend to be a retrospective, nostalgic person. The past is a known entity and looking back feels like watching a favorite movie. I know the plot, but enjoy thinking about how I was oblivious to the possibility that something wonderful was coming.


If you can’t see the good around you right now, maybe it’s just around the corner.



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