Seeing the Good Around Me: Another Year


Over the past few days, I have been part of 2 birthday celebrations. These have me thinking of what a blessing that brings.


Sometimes a birthday marks the time that has passed. We look at the number of candles on the cake, either literally or figuratively, and think of all that has happened in that time. We think of places we have been, things we have done, and sometimes we mourn the loss of people we have known or opportunities we didn’t seize. We can buy into a myth that the good years are only in the past and that the future can’t be nearly as bright as those memories are.


Some birthdays mark a celebration of where we are going. It may be that there is a life change that is happening or being planned and there is an excitement over where that will take us. The day on the calendar is more of a point in that process than a milestone itself and we anticipate how much there will be to celebrate in the future.


Then, some birthdays are a time to celebrate now. It’s an opportunity to look around at the family, friends, and blessings here with us on this day. There may be more triumph than tragedy in our lives and we couldn’t have imagined the beauty in the room with us. Our day may not be just as we imagined it would be the year before, but those surprises that arrived out of nowhere or the twists or turns our paths took created a better life than we were anticipating.


I hope that your birthday this year is full of the present.



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