Seeing The Good Around Me: Anchors and Chains


I’ve been thinking lately about anchors. I tried to trace this thought process back and I think it started when I was thinking about change. Change doesn’t have to have a negative connotation, but it can sort of knock you off course. There are those changes that are planned and known, and also those that are sudden and out of the blue.


Both types can cause a shift in direction. When I think about this shift in direction, I think the best word that applies is drift. That word is so full of meaning, because it is this movement that you may or may not recognize. If you were laying on a raft in the water, you would likely feel the up-down movement but may not notice that you are changing location with each bob. Until you sit up and realize how far from shore you are. You didn’t intend to move, but there wasn’t anything to resist the movement that was carrying you away.


So, how do we keep from drifting? We need some kind of anchor. An anchor will keep you in one area because it is heavier and stronger than you are. You may still feel the movement of the water beneath your raft but your anchor keeps you in place. You may sense that you are missing out on that movement, but you are really being held from drifting too far from where you want to be. The anchor can also be what keeps you from getting swept away by a storm.


The thing that connects you to your anchor is the chain. The chain is what really gives you your freedom. If it’s too short, the anchor can pull you under the water. If the chain is really long, the anchor can’t do what it is supposed to do.


I am anchored to my faith. It’s bigger than me and stronger than me, and has held me in many storms. During those times where I feel lost and nothing looks familiar, my faith is what helps me to regain perspective. Its chain is long enough that I can explore the area around me without venturing into the deep seas alone.


They sound restricting, but anchors are part of the good around us. They keep us planted and secure. They keep us safe and keep us from drifting away to a place we don’t recognize. With them, we can weather any storm.



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