Seeing the Good Around Me: A Different Side


I was talking recently with someone about coping with travel delays. In that conversation, we evolved to talking about whether we display the same personality traits when we travel that we display in our daily lives.


In my daily life, I can be a little uptight. Type A. There are rules that should be followed and it frustrates me when those rules aren’t followed. When I travel, there are different and fewer rules. One of the expectations I have is that things will be unexpected so I am more go-with-the-flow and calm.


I think we each have various sides of ourselves and there are activities or places where we seem to take on a different persona. These traits may not have a logical place in our daily lives but we get a chance to knock the cobwebs off of them in other settings. It may be that this other setting is immersed in a hobby, or exploring a different place, or learning a new skill. Or, as in my case, travel.


This different side of us is usually lighter without the burden of responsibilities we typically carry. We may reconnect with a sense of freedom we felt as a child, where we could explore and wonder. If we didn’t have that luxury as a child, this may be when those senses finally have a chance to awaken.


I think that these different sides of us are part of the good around me. We have so much more depth than is typically shown and getting to rekindle our connection with these sides helps them thrive. I hope you get a chance soon to hang out with a different side of yourself.

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