Running the Race



I had the thought of what would life be without all of the people that I have encountered along the way. What exactly was it that made the life journey and all of it’s glorious adventures so worth the effort that it takes to keep up the good fight and continue on when it seems likes it is the absolute last thing that we see can see to do let alone do when all hope seems lost?  The Easter season being one of the seasons that reminds me the most to always keep looking to its story and all of its meaning.  That the gift of grace was given at such a high cost.


It is so easy to say that we don’t deserve the gift of ultimate love that was given to us. I know for myself that on some days it is so easy to just remember and know that I am loved beyond measure and that at the end of it all and all is said and done… there is so much more to life than what meets the eye. What happens on the days that we seem like we will never be enough?  What happens when we mess up, make mistakes and it seems like we are left all alone?  Where and what do when the gift of hope and love seems so lost?  Life is full of hurdles and and hardships. Where do we find the courage and the drive to keep running the race?


It seems that almost every time that I fall into these thoughts and think that I will never be enough, someone or a moment is sent to me that seems to exactly be what it is that need to hear or see in the exact moment that I needed it. I know that I felt so undeserving of love and light and forgiveness when I continued to hold onto my short comings. We will never be perfect and no matter how hard we try, we will fall short. The gift of grace and love makes these moments of self doubt and hatred for what we have done are erased and non existent in the eyes of God. The gift of grace and forgiveness is ours for the taking when all we have to do is accept it. These moments of light and love are ours to seek and find when we have the eyes and ears to see them. You can find these moments in sunsets, the stars, smiles and laughter, conversations over coffee and in a simple act of kindness when we least expect it.


Taking time out of our busy day to connect and seek more of these moments is what makes the running of the race really matter. Turn the radio off, enjoy the silence, put the phone down, it can wait, and take a moment to really and truly talk with people. Unplug from social media. It is absolutely amazing all of the conversation one can have if we haven’t seen the latest and greatest post from our friends. Cook dinner at the house and take the time to enjoy time spent with those you love the most.  The people that we run with along the way are what make each mile better than the last. Sometimes we run without ceasing and sometimes we may walk a few miles. The destination remains the same. The people we meet along the way are all in the race with us. Remember that the race is only part of the journey and who runs along side us makes step we take on step closer to where we were always meant to be.


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