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I’m going to take a break from the politics and court beat today. Oh, there are things I could write about, and I’ll mention some stuff to look at, at the end of this, but I needed a break from the silly and angry making stuff and I suspect you do too. So, let’s go to the movies.

First up is Lightyear.  I have to review this from two different perspectives. The first is as a science fiction fan and writer. The second is as a kid.  Please, allow me to explain.

See, at the beginning of the movie Lightyear, they tell you that “In Toy Story, Andy was a huge fan of the Character Buzz Lightyear, because he had seen a movie about him… This is that movie.”

As a science fiction fan and writer, the story was ok, not great, but OK. It is a redemption story, a Fighter jock type that fucks up bad, and spends a significant amount of his life trying to fix it. It borrows a lot of tropes from Heinlein’s juveniles, especially when dealing with near relativistic speeds, and what that does to time.  As a SF story I can overlook some of the LGBTQUILTBAG (and all the rest of the alphabet) virtue signaling that Disney felt the need to throw in.  Yes, it was present, but not terribly obnoxious. The plot twist was OK from this perspective, and a reasonable adult device for a bit of Message Fiction on the costs of obsession. I give it two bullets. (Wait until it comes out on cable, but worth a watch for free.)

As for it’s described intent to be “the Movie that Andy saw…” Well, it failed miserably. This is not a movie that will cause a kid to idolize Lightyear, or even be very enthusiastic about him.  In fact it’s not a great kids movie at all… It’s a young adult movie, maybe, with a robot cat thrown in as a typical Disney set up for a toy, and a “cutesy” piece.  It’s way too angsty and lesson heavy for the sort of kid that still plays with toy cowboys, and writes his name on them so they don’t get lost. From the perspective of a “Kid’s HERO piece” this gets no bullets, just a Wakizashi, and give it to the writers with a note “You know what to do with this, apologize to your ancestors.”

OK, on to Thor, Love and Thunder.  I wanted to like this movie.  Seriously. There were a couple of really good spots in it, but overall, NO.

If you’re a Thor fan, you’re going to hate it, because the writers “felt the need to go in a new direction with the character.” They made him into a complete fool, who bumbles along, and somehow manages to do the right thing by accident.  They also feel the need to make one of Thor’s sidekicks (where this guy comes from, I’m not sure, he’s a rock being, and sort of the rock version of Groot, except he can say more than three words.) is this male creature whose species has only male beings, to have kids they go into a volcano, and two guys hold hands for a month over the lava, then poof there’s another little rock.  Seriously, he’s not even comedy relief, (in this movie, that’s THOR!)

If you’re a Norse Mythology fan, you’re going to be truly pissed at what they have done to the Asgardians… Oh and it seems now that to be a Valkyrie you have to be lesbian.  So, we’ve taken the one Superhero that reasonably could have been lesbian (Wonder Woman, who was from the Amazons, who were mythically gay, and yes I realize that this is DC not Marvel.) and made her straight, and taken characters that in myth are straight as a rail and made them gay…  Disney strikes again.

Then there’s the rest of the pantheons. The writers better hope that the Gods don’t exist, or they’re going to have some serious explaining to do.  Russel Crowe is this fat, bumbling slightly cowardly Zeus, who reminds me of a used-up ex Rocker, who is trying to make one more comeback, even though it’s way too late for that.  If it feels like I am describing Eddy Money, well yeah, exactly.  Russ must have really needed the money, because DAMN.

Really the only reason to see this film is if knowledge of it is needed for future movies to make sense, and if that’s the case, go read the summary on IFDB and call it a day.

One bullet, to put it out of our misery.

If you want some good entertainment, try The Terminal List on Prime Video instead.  OK I have friends that were in the teams, and I know more than a little about them, this gets a few things wrong there… BUT if you don’t know the teams well, you’ll not even see those things, and the number of things it gets RIGHT more than make up.  Our hero’s Platoon is set up, and whipped out almost to a man.  That’s suspicious enough, but then more weird shit starts happening.

The writers do an excellent job of letting you know that not everything the narrator says or sees is real or right, and gives you enough clues to figure it out, without slamming it in your face.

The writing is tight, sound, and believable.  With one exception (a fall from a height, that would have broken the spine of any human) the stunts are believable for a guy with the main character’s skill and training. The supporting characters are perfect.  Six Bullets, in a hair trigger 44.

Well, so much for the entertainment part of the post.  This is sort of entertaining, though… The “Daily Upside” reports: “Under a new subscription plan rolled out in several markets, BMW owners will have to pay $18 a month to turn on the heated seats that are already equipped in their vehicles. Other products are also being moved to a subscription service — it’s $12 per month to use the heated steering wheel, $42 a month for adaptive cruise control, and connecting an iPhone to a car using Apple’s CarPlay feature will come with a $265 installation fee.”

Can you imagine spending the money on a BMW with heated seats, and then being told you have to pay per month to turn them ON???  Maybe BMW’s clientele would put up with it, there’s a reason Ford never thought of such a thing… It’s called a baseball bat, and it would be used to break every bone in the body of the Madison ave. type that thought it up, when some “good ol’ boy” found out who was behind it.   Seriously, what the HELL are they thinking?

Then there’s what’s going on in Sri Lanka. Last April, upon the advice of the Davos “World Economic Forum,” in order to “go green” and get a higher “Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) score, outlawed chemical fertilizers. Well, they got their score, a 98 out of 100. (In fairness, this isn’t the ONLY problem Sri Lanka has, but all of them surround the fact that in one year they went from a food exporter to a massive food importer.) That lasted until last weekend, when the mobs of starving citizens crashed through the guards and the gates, and the dipshit that came up with the idea fled with his millions and his mistress one step ahead of the noose. For the full story, see: 

Hopefully this will be a lesson to the rest of the Hoy Poly that you can only fuck over the people for so long before you find out how Marie felt when the crowds stormed the Bastille.  I doubt it, but it could happen.

It’s happening in the Netherlands too, and if Germany isn’t careful, they’re next.  The Bundestag has voted to continue their plans to shut down all of the remaining Nuke plants by the end of the year, even while firing back up their coal plants, because they don’t have enough electricity to keep the lights on, now that Russia has shut down their pipeline.  No, I’m not making this up, to go “green” they’re shutting down nukes, while to keep from going bankrupt, they’re burning coal.

On the military front, we have a retired general who was suspended for tweeting Of Jill Biden “Glad to see you finally know what a woman is,” while she’s going off about Roe V Wade.

This will be fun, I hope he sues.  The president’s wife is not in the chain of command, unless they’re willing to admit that she’s doing a Mrs. Wilson.  Look for more on this in the future.

The hits keep coming on the Navy side too:
We lost a sailor on the Chucky V, (cause unknown, or undetermined, there’s been a major streak of that lately.) 
An F/A 18 super hornet off the Harry Truman (sudden storm came up, blew the bird off the side of the ship!  Uh Deck div, what the hell happened to ten-point tie downs?)
Three Captains and a Commander to the USDB Fort Leavenworth for their part in the “Fat Leonard” scandal. (This was the final trial, in total, 34 guys got to face a court over this.) 
And the CO of the USS Scranton (a 688 I class submarine) over “loss of confidence, in ability to command.” There’s been a rash of that shit TOO.

Japan lost their longest serving Prime Minister (who was retired and stumping for one of his protégés) to a gunman of all things, in a land where owning a gun is about as viable as a two-week-old fetus.  I’ve seen the gun, its something anyone with even the tiniest bit of mechanical aptitude could build for thirty bucks and a run to a hardware store.  It’s basically a double barrel black powder (shotgun) pistol with electronic ignition. This proves once again that you can’t stop crazy.

If someone wants to make a gun to kill someone, no number of Red-flag laws, or gun banning is going to help.  Basic hand tools (a drill, a saw, a pipe wrench, a soldering iron,) some matchheads or a flare, some pipe and pipe nipples, some wire, and some ball bearings, 45 minutes, and you’re there.

Finally, I’ve seen three articles in the NYT in the last week about how “in spite of how it looks, the democrats are still in the running to keep control of congress.”  I don’t know who they’re fooling, or think they’re fooling, but hey, if it makes them feel good, OK.

Take care, watch your six, 
Until next time I remain,
Yours in service.
William Lehman.

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