Reliance to Independence

In the beginning, we have our parents to look after us.  For most children and teenagers, their needs are met until the end of high school.  If they’re lucky, provisions are made throughout their college years.  But when is it that we don’t need them and the emotional support they provide?  For some of you, the desire to be around them isn’t gone.  For others, moving out is the number one priority.  Either way, all us have some kind of plan for moving away and taking on life.  When we’re focused on discovering whatever it is we want from it, our parents are eventually left in the background.  Personally, I’ve had my mine around for a while.  Their support has meant a lot, but there came a time to were I became weary of having them around all the time.    I wanted to find independence to where their financial support was no longer a necessity.  When I was mentally and financially ready, the time came where I was ready to leave(I was overdue for a change).  I would learn how to be reliant on God and the abilities He gave me.  Nobody is the same, though.  Eventually, everyone finds that need to move beyond the comfort of their parent’s home

I think the majority of us can agree when I say this, but I believe that the desire for purpose can overlap the need of our parents.  In the middle of this transition, we’ll experience a feeling that’s new and very revealing.   At this point of our lives, we can be very confused and empty.  We’re not around them as much, work can feel like it’s nonstop, and if we’re not dating anybody, then that really completes the emptiness we feel.  It’s as if you’re stuck in sand, roasting under the sun and there’s no one around to help.  We’re “adulting” and at this point, we’re wish we had that time with our parents back; being young and having nothing to worry about.  Needless to say, we love them(maybe), but there’s always that need of wanting to break away and finding our own way in life.  For the people who are feeling empty, it’s about finding that significant other.  With this, finding the means to provide for a family-most likely-is the next step.  If your fortunate, you may find a decent career you enjoy.  By the time you’ve found this, your parent’s have taken the back burner.  When we have our own family or living a single and busy lifestyle, we find that we just don’t have time for anything.  I personally begin to wonder how this happened.  Sometimes, it feels like I’m the distant person not wanting to spend time with family or friends.  Honestly, it’s just about regular day to day struggles that keep me from the people I love.  Even though this is, our parents are usually around when we need them to be

We owe our parent’s everything.  They were there at the beginning of our lives; our mothers bearing and giving birth to us.  Of course, she would probably be the one raising you and giving every ounce of her time.  Our fathers, on the other hand, would be the ones advising us.  No matter the roles your parent’s played in your life, they were there, loving you in their own way.  Having them there made us who we are today.  In some ways, we are a reflection of who they are

P.S. – This is scary when we see it in ourselves

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