Relationships Lost By Change

In the beginning of our lives-lets be honest-we are ignorant of what friendship is and what it means to have trust between us and another person.  Most of us, while in public schools, are usually on good grounds when it comes to making friends, whether those friendships are short-lived or long-lasting.   Of course, some of us are on the outside looking in on the lives of others, observing people and seeing how they operate.  No matter how you were in the days of your elementary, middle, and high school education, everyone understands-all in our own ways-that keeping friends around was always difficult.  Some people are lucky enough to find the kind of person that sticks around through thick and thin.  We all know how difficult that is to find in a person; a certain sort of belonging, maybe, or that strength and faithfulness within ones self (you have to be a friend to gain a friend).  But within the different stages of our lives, we are going to experience change within ourselves and influence the change within whatever and whoever surrounds us.  Our lives distinctly reflect what an ocean does: tossing, rolling, and rarely ceasing to be still.  Changes are imminent, and within our lives, friendships will change; some will break, while others will remain intact.


So, assuming that most of you have graduated, we know that the end of high school and college can be the point in our lives that friends begin to drift apart.  Of course, this is rarely intentional, but we are all required to make separate and personal decisions in order to progress.  Those decisions eventually bring us to a point of testing to where we either succeed or fail.  For everyone, it is simply the good and bad interweaving through each and every experience.  Thats something that life will do.  With the positive, there will always be the negative coming alongside.  Eventually, we change through the positive and negative experiences, shaping us into our own person.  As growth occurs, we form our own thoughts and opinions of what is and isnt true.  Whether its through opposing theology or the differences in lifestyle, the choices we make through these factors will affect the people around us.  Most of the relationships we gain, we will lose, but only if we let it happen.   Sometimes, its being intentional in the way we spend our time with our friends.  You have a choice in who you spend your time with.  All of us know this well: who we are around, we will eventually become-to a certain extent. Really, all of us are growing in different directions, so its natural for us to grow apart.  But, with this happening, we are also falling into the lives of other people.

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