Recipe of the Day: Toasted Sweet Potato Slices :-)

Something a bit different… no bread or crackers? Need a quick and filling snack/meal?


Toasted sweet potato slices topped with spicy tomato sauce and fresh sage. Finally got around to trying these “toasts” as I was a bit skeptical (I envisioned burnt inedible slices or worse – mushy pieces of sweet potato falling into the toaster and getting stuck)… my conclusion after giving it a try? “Why haven’t I made this ages ago?!”


It was so quick and easy – simply slice a sweet potato lengthways (about 1/2-1 cm thick) and pop into toaster (may take 2-3 times to toast right through but it holds together beautifully!)  Top with your favourite topping e.g.: hummus, tahini, guacamole etc.


I used some of my Mom’s delicious leftover spicy tomato sauce (fry garlic and leeks/onion in a bit of coconut/olive oil, add grated carrot, chopped fresh tomato, tomato purée, herbs, salt, chili. Cook for a few min until thickened). Enjoy ?????


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