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Welcome back to the Scuttlebutt, pour yourself something, and let’s talk.  


Saddle up and strap in, we’re talking politics today.


Let’s start with the rise in murders in our nation.  Over the last year and a half or so, the murder rate has gone through the roof nationally according to the NYT. In 2020 the murder rate spiked nationally more than 27%.  


Now it’s important to note that this is a way to lie by statistics…  27% sounds like a hell of an increase, right?  Well, first it’s worth noting that the actual increase depends on who’s numbers you’re using. 


For the CDC, suicides get counted as homicide, and the suicide rate has gone up dramatically due to the secondary effects of the government’s handling of COVID.  The CDC tells us that in 2020 there were 7.5 homicides per 100,000.  The FBI tells us there were 6.3 homicides per 100,000.  The difference is the addition of suicides by firearm, which the CDC calls a homicide.  (it’s worth noting for later discussion purposes that the homicide by firearm rate is roughly half of the total homicide rate at 3.4 cases per 100,000.)  It’s also worth noting that for BOTH of those agencies, Law enforcement shootings are counted as part of that total.


So, let’s look at this… 27% of 6.3 per 100,000 is 1.701 per 100,000… Oh gosh, that’s remarkably close to the difference between the rate reported by the FBI and the rate reported by the CDC… (actual difference 1.2, for those of you with math disfunction.)


Now, let’s put this in perspective. At the same time that there were either 6.3 or 7.5 deaths by homicide (all causes) there were 11.45 deaths by motor vehicle accident. All of these numbers are per 100,000 because if you look at any of those numbers as a percentage it’s laughably tiny… 


IE 00.01145% of the population died from motor vehicle accidents.  That’s a hard number to scare with, isn’t it? One one-hundredth of a PERCENT.  That’s for the worst number we’re dealing with, car accidents.  And you MUST understand that that is the goal of this sudden rash of reporting on deaths by violence, they (the people doing the sensationalized reporting) want and need you to be afraid!  If it takes playing games with numbers to make you afraid, they’re absolutely NOT concerned with that, because they figure the average American won’t do the deep dive needed to see what they’re doing.  (Sadly, they’re right.)  


Well, there’s an old Latin phrase used in the legal profession: Cui Bono? It means: Who benefits?  It’s another way of saying the old police mantra for crime-solving, “follow the money.”  The NYT has been, for as long as I have been alive, an extremely partisan rag.  Go back and look at the videos of NYT reporters when they heard the election results for Obama.  Compare and contrast with the same reporters when they heard the election results for Trump in 2016.  These guys are yellow dog Democrats.  They’re hauling water for their party, and right now their party is in the worst shit it’s been in since Carter, maybe even worse than that.  So they’re going to look for things to distract you with, and if that can be made to push their agenda in other ways too… well so much the better.  


See this was a huge article on the 18th of Jan by German Lopez of the NYT, trying to tell us that “Oh my God, you’re going to get killed!!!”  Further, he points out that if you’re black, you’re eight times more likely to get killed than if you’re white!  (He conveniently doesn’t bother to note that the people doing the killing are mostly black too.  See that spoils the narrative.)  No, this is all about the GUN.  He goes on to tell us that the reporting is RACIST because people aren’t making a big enough deal about it because the victims are BLACK, and most reporters, most producers, and most politicians are white, with the implied “if you don’t make a big deal about this, you’re a racist motherfucker.”  The trouble here is that 88% of the murdered blacks were killed by other blacks, and 90% of the interracial crimes are black on white.  The causes of this have created MANY Ph.D. level dissertations, and span the gamut from lack of income through the collapse of the nuclear family in black America. (Thank you LBJ. There’s something broken when the only way to get welfare is if your man is out of the picture…)  This isn’t about “black” as much as the race-baiters, and far-left want it to be.  This is about “poor,” and the de-stigmatization of criminal behavior in the parts of the nation where crime is mostly occurring.  Yet when we send in police to try and solve the problem, everyone screams “police brutality!”   


Now he does mention, down in the article past the point where many people probably stop reading, that we had a 23-year decline in murders, before this sudden upswing, and tells us that “no one knows why the rates declined.”  (Of course, he doesn’t mention that the decline corresponds to the state by state relaxation in gun laws, and a massive increase in gun ownership during that time… Again, pointing that out ruins the narrative. He quotes some folks that are all east coast liberals on how no one really knows, and mentions in passing, the idea that maybe more aggressive policing had something to do with it, along with more young men playing video games… No shit, his theory is that people didn’t commit more crime because they were too busy playing video games.)


He does however give reasons that it’s going back up.  He mentions the pandemic and states that this brought about a situation where “Social services and supports that help keep crime down vanished overnight. Schools could no longer keep unruly teens safe and distracted. A broader sense of disorder and chaos could have fueled a so-called moral holiday, in which people disregard laws and norms.” (note that he thinks schools are just there to keep people “safe and distracted.”)


He also mentions the change in policing as a result of the 2020 riots but indicates that this caused the public to lose confidence in the police, resulting in fewer people helping the police solve murders. (Solving murders doesn’t reduce murders, sadly, but that’s the case he makes.) 


What does reduce murders is visible presence.  Even your most hardened criminal doesn’t want to “pop a cap in Poncho’s ass in front of the Five 0.”  With the decline in the number of police, and the lack of willingness by the desk jockeys to back their officers, there are far fewer cops willing to do the hard work of being the visible presence in places like Cabrini Green, or Rainier Beach, while the administrative politicians that run the departments willingly throw officers under the bus at the drop of a hat.      


His big piece though is the usual “Guns bad, get rid of guns and all will be better” while ignoring the fact that the majority of the murders happen in places where guns are already illegal, or might as well be (NYC, Chicago, DC, et al) and as an aside does mention the woman that got killed by being pushed in front of a train the other day in NYC.  


Are you distracted from the failures of the party in power?  If so, then he’s done his job. 


What he DOESN’T want you to see, is the sort of things I’m going to mention next:  


First, we have a case, one the Attorney General of the US speculated of with: “this was a white antisemitic crime,” when it first broke… A guy the press called “an English national” when the actual crime was over, who took a bunch of hostages at a Synagogue in Austin TX demanding the release of some Pakistani national that we captured trying to kill US troops in Afghanistan.


This pimple on the ass of humanity goes by the name of Malik Faisal Akram, he’s served three terms in prison in the UK for being involved in Muslim Terrorist causes, was a member of the Islamic terrorist group Tablighi Jamaat, (their position, of course, is that they are not terrorists, “just a “society of preachers” who seem to have an inordinate number of their group who blow themselves up while killing non-believers, especially jews, but of course that’s not part of our faith.”)   


Aren’t you glad we have the Fearless Band of Idiots and Homeland insecurity to include the TSA on the case, ensuring that such foreign nationals can’t get into this country and can’t get a firearm??? Oh, wait…  Now it will be investigated by the “Joint Terrorism Taskforce.” The same one that was created because too many “uppity parents were threatening the school boards of our nation” as “right wing extremists.” 


Next, we have a MORON in my own state that has introduced a bill to change the definition of Aggravated Murder (called in some states “murder one,” or “murder in the first degree”) to exclude “drive-by shootings!” 


Democrat State Rep. Tara Simmons (Yes, sadly, this stupid BITCH is from my home district) wants to retroactively remove Drive-by shootings from the aggravated murder charge, letting all of the people who are currently serving life sentences for A.M. due to killing someone in a Drive-by out of prison…  


Her justification for this is that “in the interest of Racial Equality” we need to not put people in prison for life for shooting up an area indiscriminately, because they are “predominately young and Black.”  Yes, you read that right, because they’re young black men, it’s less bad that they kill some little kid by accident, while aiming for “that hood-rat that be pushing pills on our turf.”  


Now of course the little kid that is got killed is most likely black too, but that doesn’t matter, we want racial equality for the perpetrators, fuck the victims. 


Oh, and we’re hearing a lot about how there’s this huge “humanitarian disaster” unfolding in Afghanistan, that the government (IE the Taliban, the fuckers that were trying to kill our troops in job lots) can’t govern, doesn’t have any money, (there’s a lot of government assets in this country frozen that belonged to the government of Afghanistan) and can’t feed their people.


The Taliban made it crystal clear when they told us to get the hell out of their country, that any treaties, or agreements that were made with the former government of Afghanistan, were null and void; that government doesn’t exist, and we are under no obligation to abide by anything they did.


OK, fine.


The money that that government had, belonged to that government.  If you are under no obligation to abide by anything they did, we are under no obligation to give you that nonexistent government’s money. 


We have said that we’re holding it to pay off the various lawsuits currently pending against Afghanistan.  This seems like a reasonable idea to me.


“But Afghanistan’s people are STARVING!!!”


Yeah, so?  We tried to offer them a better future, and they shot us and told us to fuck off.  Starve in the dark.  


We’re going to need all the money we have for the Ukrainian refugees when Russia invades and that “Pants shitter in chief” does nothing.  And we’re going to need all the money we can get when China invades Taiwan, because they see Biden as too weak to do anything about it. 


Giving Afghanistan money will not get it to the people that need it, it will just go to buy more guns and bombs to kill people that don’t agree with the Taliban’s version of religion, and will show us to be weaker still, in a time when weakness is an invitation to war.  We are told by Laurel Miller, (a former US official on Afghanistan, under Obama) that: “The United States should draw a distinction between the Taliban as former insurgents and the state they now control,” she wrote. “This starts by beginning to lift sanctions on the Taliban as a group (leaving sanctions on some individuals and an arms embargo in place); funding specific state functions in areas such as rural development, agriculture, electricity, and local governance; and restoring central-bank operations to reconnect Afghanistan to the global financial system.”


Sure, and we can trust the Taliban (the existing government, not the former terrorists…They just HAPPEN to live in the same meat suits.) to actually spend the money the way we tell them to.

Bitch, please!


Biden is already almost sure to go down in history alongside Neville Chamberlin as the fool whose inaction and miss action started a world war, lets not make it any more sure than we already have, please?


Then we have this little piece:

“One of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters and the founder and owner of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, has been given the boot by his banks, Heartland Financial and Minnesota Bank and Trust, due to his being considered a “reputation risk.” Lindell explained that the banks gave him 30 days to close multiple accounts. “I’m not leaving, so you’re going to have to throw me out of your bank,” he responded before asking, “Where does it end everybody? Where does it end when they’re de-banking?” One of the biggest proponents of Trump’s “stolen election” claims, Lindell has become a popular target of the Left. Irrespective of his views, the notion that banks could simply de-bank individuals over objections to political views is deeply concerning and un-American.” 


So now “Deplatforming” isn’t enough, we’re going to shut you out of banks, out of business, refuse your ads, everything we can do, to make you parrot our views and be a good little communist, OR ELSE.   


The NYT ran an article on Monday stating that “millions have lost a step into the middle class” because they don’t have a four-year degree.  This fascination with a college degree program is part of how we got in this mess in the FIRST place.  You do NOT need a BS or a BA to make high 6 figures and eventually 7.  Go check out the wages for residential electricians, and plumbers!  Hell, Auto Mechanics are taking down SERIOUS bucks these days.  Why? Because we went and told everyone in school for the last fifty years, that being a desk jockey, riding a cubicle, is the way to money and happiness!  As a result, we don’t have anyone who knows how to wire that cubicle, or plumb the water fountain.  We have two generations that went and borrowed themselves into poverty to get a degree that is fucking useless in the real world, and proves only that they were willing to regurgitate whatever shit spewed out of the professor’s mouth, onto a paper or for a test.  Brainwashing achievement, unlocked.  


Oh, and they’re considering Price Controls, as a method of fixing this “temporary” inflation, that we were assured was temporary, and wouldn’t last very long, did I mention this was not going to be with us for more than a couple of months???  If you wonder why I call them Communists, uh, State-controlled prices???  Say what we want you to say or we will close down your business???

If this doesn’t sound like the first move of a communist regime, you need to go back and read your history books again.


Alright, this has gone far longer than I intended,

Take care, watch your six, 

Until next time I remain,

Yours in service.

William Lehman


  1. Amen!

    Sadly, I have family members in the Seattle area who seem to agree with everything being done in the last couple years by those of the democratic persuasion. I have a hard time talking to them about anything political at all. It is almost like they can’t see shades of gray anymore… everthing is black and white to them.

    • That’s more and more the issue. It’s what I grew up calling a “yellow dog Democrat” meaning someone that would vote for a yellow dog if they were running on the democratic ticket. This sort of rabid hyperpartisanship has become more and more prevalent on both sides of the aisle, and becomes nearly a religion.

      If we don’t manage to control that sort of impulse we’re going to end up in a shooting war, instead of a war of words. Not sure who will start it, I can play out several scenarios leading up to it, and it’s NOT going to be as “pretty” as our civil war of 1860-1865. This is going to look more like Bosnia with better tech and meaner people. If that doesn’t scare you, you ain’t paying attention.

  2. Yep, we’re finally leaving Kali. The commie’s have succeeded in destroying the last vestiges of a rational , reasonable, logical Constitutional Republic. Madam Taco Lizard cannot walk four blocks to a strip mall for a latte by herself due to some rather drugged up bums wandering around aggressively panhandling, And this is happening in a very tony suburb , where every home is worth at least $1.8M. We have been blessed with a Soros DA that simply does not prosecute folks.
    A few months ago, while walking in a parking lot of a mall , some lowlife jumped in front of me from behind a car. He had a pocket knife and mentioned wanting the contents of my wallet. I slowly reached for my back wallet and pulled a 7″ hunting knife from a back carry belt holster, as I also heard another robber coming up behind me and saw the initial robber staring over my left shoulder. And I’m a righty, so that is not a a good combination of circumstances. I then did three things that I’m not supposed to do, I changed the knife from my right hand to my left hand. And I didn’t wait to be stabbed and I didn’t/couldn’t run. Then it was just training and instinct. I spun left, saw the bad guy behind me had his knife held too high and I backhanded my blade into his left quad, blocked his high stab to my face with my right arm, and sunk my blade into his left bicep on the return stoke. I then ducked the initial robbers weak overhead slash , switched the knife back to my right hand and slashed up at his right hip, and continued up his torso into his right pec. They both left trailing a lot blood. I guess I didn’t duck far enough, so I was surprised to find a long gash on my left arm. I vomited and called 911 before I collapsed and went into shock. The local police found the pair in a nearby hospital’s ER. Not surprisingly they both were young bros’ and had been arrested many times. The Soros DA said that since they did not take any money, and I initiated the first strike, they were never even arraigned on attempted murder and armed robbery. I had a good lawyer –yes there a few- and I walked without being charged with assault, after two weeks and $14K of lawyer fees. My arm is healing, 43 stitches and lot of pain pills. I’ve never asked and don’t care to know what happened to the bro’s….but they didn’t die.

    • Damn, sir, you were lucky. I’m not going to critique you in this after-action report, as you already identified what you did that is “unconventional” and why you did it. The “not waiting to get stabbed” piece is legitimate in any SANE law system. They have their knives out and are exhibiting temper and intent. You don’t have to wait to get shot, before shooting back (unless you are “woke” Spielberg) and you don’t have to wait to get sliced before slicing once knives come out, especially two on one.

      That said, I will say a couple of things, primarily for the audience:
      1) if you find yourself in a knife fight you ARE going to get cut. Accept and embrace that. BUT you can often choose WHERE you’re getting cut. Take it on the back of your off arm, or into your off-shoulder. That may mean punching out at the knife, hoping to knock it away, but knowing you’re liable to get sliced.
      2) once they stick the knife into you LOCK IT IN PLACE if at all possible. You almost surely will get cut once, try to make sure he can’t do it again.
      3) Back when I was taught “tactical folder for cops” we were taught there are two basic ways of knife fighting. (note, I don’t mean “Killing with a knife” there are lots of those) I mean fighting another guy that has a knife, or is bare-handed, and winning. The first way is the “death of a thousand cuts.” Sweeping slices, meant to maximize blood loss. a modification of this involves holding the knife reversed, edge out, along your forearm. When your opponent punches at you, either with a knife or bare hands, block with that forearm and let him remove the muscles going from his wrist to his elbow by his own force. I pretty much promise you that will take him out of the fight, because he’s probably going to punch with his strong hand, and that is now disabled. The second way is STABS, straight in, aiming for joints or vital organs, and when you get it in the joint, “scramble the eggs.” Wiggle that knife around like you’re beating eggs for an omelet. Avoid the “icepick” grip, as there is really only one way you can attack with it. Knife fighting is about misdirection, making your strike unpredictable and unblockable, and it works best for the stabby piece, if you have your knife or midline, blade up (in fencing, which I do, this would be Prime or Quatra) and shoot straight in while protecting yourself with your weak hand, and arm.
      The thing is, fights, REAL fights, the sort that one guy goes to the hospital, the other to the morgue, stop due to one of three things. 1) one side has lost so much hydraulic fluid that they are unable to continue. (IE passed out due to loss of blood, or their body just isn’t working anymore. The dude that got his bicep shot off in Kinosa WI is a mild example of this) 2) the pain interlocks kick in. (Don’t count on this one, I was shot, and didn’t feel it, other than the impact, the look down, and “son of a bitch, I’ve been shot.” so if their shock system works right, they won’t feel it until later) 3) the aggressor runs away and the defender doesn’t feel like chasing him. Taco Lizard’s case is one of those.
      As cops we were taught to prefer the stab approach, not because it’s more effective (it’s not) but because of the optics. a guy that’s lost a real knife fight to slashing attacks looks like they walked into an Asplund Tree chopper. The press would crucify any cop that did that to a perp, and convincing a jury that it was necessary, is a brass clad bitch.
      This is the reality of knife fighting. If you don’t like that, just give them your wallet, and pray that’s all they want, and that they won’t kill you or rape you anyway, just for sport. (all of this assuming you live, like Lizard, in a place where you can’t carry a handgun.)

    • I’m thinking about either the hill country around Fredricksburg, the northern hill country on the Texas/OK border, the mountains in TN, or KY, maybe the Carolinas. I would go to Idaho, but it’s too cold for the wife. We’re going to do a lot of scouting trips before we decide to pull the plug here.

  3. Noooo! Don’t stop talking. This is spot on!

    It’s a frustrating world we live in, and most of us saw it coming. Fortunately I’ve been accumulating survival food, ammo, water, etc. I was hoping I wouldn’t need it, but now it seems I might not have enough.

    • Oh, I’m not going to stop talking, just stop that weeks’ rant. That said, if I were stockpiling anything, or… everything… Personally, I would not advertise it to anyone that I didn’t expect to be on the wall right next to me, slotting floppies. Opsec is a thing my friend, and this is an open channel.

  4. Neville Chamberlin was a competent leader who stalled at the Sudetenland, then went home to re-arm. He played a bad hand shrewdly. The villain you are looking for is Stanly Baldwin who let Germany re-arm and stifled Britain’s ability to know or prepare.

    • Oddly, you are the only person I’ve ever heard of that takes that view, including history personified. For “stalled” I assume you mean “surrendered without a whimper.” For some really entertaining reading, I suggest reading what Hitler Et al thought of the man. Basically, they saw him as a weakling and a coward who would do anything to avoid a fight… Thus ensuring that we had to fight one. Nope, I’ll agree that Baldwin gets blame TOO, but Chamberlin had the last chance to stop Hitler before he really started, and according to the members of the Nazi party who were there, and wrote about it, Hitler was still on the fence until after the meetings over the Sudetenland and meeting in Berchtesgaden.
      I would advocate reading the British archives on the subject, which have the handwritten notes of many concerned parties that were present. You’ll find them here: https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/resources/chamberlain-and-hitler/

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