Perspective Can Change Everything

Writing about life, God, quiet moments and how one handles them is quite life changing and has definitely helped me view the world in so many different ways that at first seemed so few and far between. In retrospect they are much more common than I used to think.  Perspective really and truly is key as to how one can see the world.  What about the times that we can’t always find the reflective moments that we each seek?  The past week has been cram packed with a work schedule that doesn’t quit, six days of dancing, along with invites to spend some much needed time with some of my closest friends.  Needless to say taking my own advice of finding the quiet moments and reflecting on them can be quite the challenge. I won’t even add that sleep seems to have eluded me in all of my busyness. Perspective has so many different facets, some easier to find than others.


On one hand a person can view the world with the perspective that they don’t have everything that they desire or what they thought that they would have at a certain point in their life hasn’t happened yet.  If you had asked me where I imagined myself to be and where I actually am, say about ten years ago, I am quite certain I would have told you I was going to be a dance studio owner, teaching throngs of young aspiring ballerinas and Broadway hopefuls how to dance and how to nail an audition. I would have said that leaving Louisiana  would have never been an option. I would have met the love of my life and would have joined many of my friends in the status of married and settled down.  Little did I know that my life would take a turn way beyond what I could have ever imagined for myself.  Easy enough right?  Ten years ago all of those things seemed like they were the only path I was going to take. I was head over heels in love and I had not discovered the styles of dance that I now teach, on a dance circuit that I love so much, not to mention those dances make me the dancer that I am today.  How easy it was to perceive a future that seemed so perfect and abundant in everything that I could have ever wanted.  God and the road of life led me in a completely different direction however and for that I am beyond thankful that the road that I walked no matter how many times I tripped and fell, I somehow was able to pick myself up and continue on.  Sure I guess that I could be bitter, sad and upset that things didn’t work out the way that I had once thought would have been my future. I cannot imagine living life any differently than I do now.  Meeting new people everyday and helping them discover a skill that they never thought they could achieve is beyond what I ever thought it could be. Just tonight I watched one of my wedding couples take all of the knowledge that I had shared and really and truly dance a waltz for the first time. It was so incredible to see the love, trust, affection and fun they had while learning something new.  Moments like that make my job one the best jobs ever. These moments remind me to trust in something greater beyond myself and that I don’t always know the plan.


Watching these moments can also make me long for what others have. Being one of the few girls left standing in my group of friends that is not in a serious relationship or married I can find it so tough to be happy for everyone around me. That what I thought was once so important is not a part of my present. Every wedding, engagement party, bridal shower and baby shower can be such a beautiful and celebrated event to be a part of. Trust me it really is.  On the other hand it can be so tough to watch everyone else make their life milestones while you wait patiently on the sidelines to see if your turn is coming to reach some of those same milestones.  That is where the realization comes in that your milestones may be different than your friend’s milestones.   I know that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve wished I had been the bride in the perfectly perfect wedding I had just served in . That I was the girl that some incredible guy had found to be the one made just for him.  The realization that the road I walk is the road that I was meant to walk all along is incredible. If we all shared in the same experiences as everyone else in this world we would never discover just how amazing our lives really are. We would see just how important our own individual milestones impact each and every person around us. If we didn’t have different milestones we would cease to learn, if we all had to do was share in the same life events as everyones else, at the exact same moment that they did, and what we all thought were so imperative to a life experience we would never appreciate our growth as individual people. Your book is not their book and vise versa. We all have the opportunity learn from each other when we allow our eyes and ears to hear and see such stories and milestones of those around us.


Life can be like white water rafting. You have no idea what the next curve or drop holds. You know that if you all work as a team through the rapids of life,  you will make it when the going gets tough.  Sometime life has a way of sweeping us off the raft and into the river. When we surround ourselves with like minded team mates we know, that someone will be there when we need them to help us back into the boat.  Being around people that lift you up when the chips are down make the journey easier.  


It can be so much easier to wish it had been you, that you had such and such. What if you had the fancy car and million dollar house. Would we really want it when we finally achieved it though? Without the presence of God on a day to day basis it is so very easy to wish one’s life away.  Instead of marveling in the beauty of where we are, we find ourselves wishing our lives away into an existence of what we wished to have, or of not being enough. What if what we have though, is more than enough. So you didn’t have dinner at the five star restaurant and this persons shoes are worth more than what you make in a month. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all had the proverbial silver spoon in one’s mouth? Well I know for fact that I was never born with such an accoutrement.  Hard work can and will pay off. Somewhere along the way someone worked hard for their family and the silver spoon was born.  So here’s to hard work and silver spoons. Was it really silver to begin with? Some person somewhere had to decide that they were worth more than what the world was telling them.  God and God alone sees and knows us and all of our fears of self doubt and self worth.  Be honest with yourself though, when beginning to wish a part of your life away. Remember you were brought to that point for a reason. Don’t wish a life full of promise and dreams beyond your own making away. Make the very best of where you are know that you are worth more than you will ever know. YOU are capable of anything and everything you have ever wanted to accomplish in life. Having the foresight to see just how far one can go is beyond worth the challenge of living a life worth living.


Perspective is key in all aspects of life. Knowing that you don’t always know why or how you were brought into wherever it is you are. Know that you are loved beyond measure, that it is one season that you are in currently. Learn from each experience and know that all perspectives are different and yes sometimes we will not always know why we have been brought to such a place. We continue to live life in each of our life journeys. We learn from them and take what we learn and mold that next chapter into something bigger and better than we ever thought possible. We never journey alone and everyone we meet has been brought there for a reason.   #talesofasiren #love always #bethechange

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