The year has flown by and with it there have been so many changes!  Life never seems to let one have the chance to just catch up.  I feel like all I ever do is run from one appointment to another and see who wants to do what and when they each want to do whatever said thing is that seems to be the thing to do that week.  I have a vast variety of friends and each of them bring different strengths to what we each share as friends.  In my particular circle of friends I seem to feel the need to be the fixer and confidant of most. It’s not always that I can fix the problem but I definitely find myself trying my best to fix whatever situation that one of my friends may find themselves in.  When my friends hurt I hurt, when they are sad they have the ability to make me feel sad and when they are elated I can’t help but feel that way.  To be empathetic to the human plight is a huge blessing but at other times it can be a true hardship.  What does one do when they cannot fix everything and nothing that they seem to do makes the difference that they had once hoped it would?



To feel whatever it is that others are feeling around me can be such a gift.  I love that I can perceive how someone is doing within two minutes of speaking to them and know exactly what should be said or perhaps when nothing needs to be said at all and all that they needed to know was that there was someone out there who cared.  It is such a scary world when one believes that no one in the entire world could ever be loved or that they are worthy of such a love. The thought of not being worthy of love is such a sad and lonely thought for me.  Love is a gift that awaits a simple yes or no.  Some would say that love is complicated and hard to come by.  In reality it waits for us, to just simply say ,”yes”.  The one true love that will never fail no matter how much we fail as humans is one that surpasses anything of this world’s comprehension.  It is above anything we could ever imagine and is ours for the taking but only if we rally and truly want it. The love of God surpasses all understanding and what makes up the very beginning of what true love really and truly is.


Sure we all have the ability to fall in love, I did and I fell hard. I was completely convinced that the love I had found would never leave me and that I had finally found “the one”.  Well as life (and mere humans feelings would have it) I was beyond wrong and found my first true lesson in heartbreak to be one of life’s toughest lessons to learn.  No one will ever say that a lesson learned in love is ever an easy lesson to learn.  I was crushed and thoroughly convinced that I would never find love again.  It is so easy to fall into the depths of despair when every bit of life seems to be moving in the exact opposite of what we thought we once needed.  Little did I know that through all of my brokenness I would be reminded of what real and everlasting love really was.  To become broken means that one will become whole again. The journey though it may seem relentless and long is well worth the walk but only if we are willing to walk.  The reminder that we never really and truly walk this world alone is where true love that never fails is found.


To think that any one earthly love would be absolutely perfect is a bit of a stretch.  We all can’t seem to help the want and desire to want more love than what what has been awaiting us all along.  The unearthly love that we can only find in God and God alone is what will never fail us when the wants and desires of this world fail us. To be completely broken means that one must come full circle to the gift of love that was given at the highest cost that anyone could ever give.  The constant reminder that I am loved enough by my Father in heaven that He would give His only son is mind boggling and more than I could ever deserve. That is where the true key to love lies.  Knowing there was such a sacrifice, that no one but God himself could ever give, makes love such a great gift to be thankful for.  There has never been another example of love that surpasses what we as mere humans could ever be capable of.  It does however pave the way to seeing and choosing to love when it seems to be the absolute last thing that we would ever want to do in this world.  Love is a choice and though some choose to just not love anymore.  The road to love can rough and tumble at times.  God never promised that loving others would be easy.  When we follow what was set before us though and do what we are called to do it fulfills what it means to be a follower of Christ.  It is where we find opportunities to love.  They do not always come lightly and they most certainly never come easy.  What is it though that we called to do on a day to day basis. It’s simple we are called to love and be the opportunity of a lifetime for someone.  We know not what cross and perfect stranger may be carrying with them.  When given the choice though we can either to choose to love or just exist. What difference does one want to make?  To be called to love is not a light undertaking, but it is ore than worth the effort we put into loving those around us.  Take every day as opportunity to love with all your heart, all your mind and ll of your soul.


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