NFL 2017 Season Predictions

NFC​ ​North

Packers 12-4

Lions 9-7

Vikings 8-8

Bears 4-12


The only question is who will finish second between Detroit and Minnesota. Green Bay has first place locked with another season of Rodgers leading the offense while the Bears will remain in the cellar.


NFC​ ​South

Falcons 11-5

Bucs 10-6

Panthers 9-7

Saints 7-9


The most offensively explosive division should provide entertaining, high scoring games. Atlanta still has the most weapons but Winston and the Bucs aren’t too far behind and sneak into the playoffs.


NFC​ ​East

Dallas 11-5

Giants 10-6

Redskins 8-8

Eagles 7-9


Dallas takes a small step back but still controls the division. New York is able to grab a wild card spot behind Beckham and Marshall.


NFC​ ​West

Seahawks 12-4

Cardinals 8-8

Rams 6-10

49ers 5-11


The Seahawks will dominate the weakest division with an improved running game and multiple downfield playmakers. They will enter the playoffs relatively healthy and get a first round bye.


AFC​ ​North

Steelers 13-3

Ravens 8-8

Bengals 7-9

Browns 3-13



The Killer B’s in Pittsburgh will have no problem winning the division but Baltimore will overcome their injury problems and get into the playoffs through tie breakers.


AFC​ ​South

Texans 9-7

Titans 8-8

Colts 8-8

Jaguars 6-10


The most competitive division in the NFL will cost its teams by spreading out losses evenly. The Houston defense leads the way for another season and Tennessee barely misses the playoffs.


AFC​ ​East

Patriots 14-2

Dolphins 7-9

Bills 6-10

Jets 2-14


No team in the division is in a position to remotely compete with New England. They earn the first overall seed for the playoffs.


AFC​ ​West

Raiders 11-5

Chiefs 10-6

Broncos 8-8

Chargers 6-10


Oakland and Kansas City battle to the wire for the division although they both make the playoffs.


NFL​ ​Playoffs​ ​Wild​ ​Card​ ​Round

NFC Bye- Packers (1)

NFC Bye- Seahawks (2)

AFC Bye- Patriots (1)

AFC Bye- Steelers (2)

NFC- Bucs(6) @ Cowboys (3)

NFC- Giants (5) @ Falcons (4)

AFC- Texans (6) @ Raiders (3)

AFC- Ravens (5) @ Chiefs (4)


NFL​ ​Playoffs​ ​Divisional​ ​Round

NFC- Giants @ Packers

NFC- Cowboys @ Seahawks

AFC- Chiefs @ Patriots

AFC- Raiders @ Steelers


NFL​ ​Playoffs​ ​Conference​ ​Championship

NFC- Seahawks @ Packers

AFC- Raiders @ Patriots



Seahawks v Patriots

Super Bowl Champion- Patriots



MVP- Aaron Rodgers

Offensive Rookie of the Year- Christian McCaffrey

Defensive Rookie of the Year- Malik Hooker

Comeback Player of the Year- Keenan Allen

Coach of the Year- Jack Del Rio

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  1. I have been a Seahawks fan for many years with a great respect for how the team has always stood together for the national anthem. The national anthems stands for our country’s freedom and to give honor to those brave men & women who have given their life’s for the citizens freedom. Any player who does not stand for the anthem is disrespecting our country and should not be in the public light. I for one will not watch NFL Football anymore if players are continually allowed to sit/kneel during a time they should be giving honor and thanks our country.

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