This is the first day of my new life. I don’t want to say that but it’s true. I don’t have new decisions or endless plans to change myself. I have no list of fake perfection. It just changed. It happened. I wasn’t looking at the sky. I wasn’t in a meditation class. I didn’t overcome cancer or save a life. There was no reason and that was the reason. It happened while I was tying my shoes or cutting my nails or waiting for a shitty sandwich in front of the microwave. Suddenly. I just changed. I started to be the opposite character of my own self, my other self. And I suddenly started to love what I hate, to do what I don’t, to think that which I used to be against. I came to be against “my ex self”-the anarchist to my power, the vandal to my art, the terrorist to my mind, a state who wants independence in my private and independent land: ─░ncistan. It just happened. Just because it was possible. I’m not myself anymore, I’m my other self until I meet my another self.

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