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A deliciously ingenious and funny adaptation that lives up to the fun of the famous board game on which it is based and exhibits an amazing attention to details, while Tim Curry stands out in the great cast and completely steals the scene in the film’s clever possible endings.




When six people are invited to a dinner party at the mansion of Mr. Boddy, a murder leaves everyone wondering who, what and where? Based on the popular board game of the same name, an all star cast leads this comedy of suspicious characters. Unlike most suspenseful movies though, upon it’s release in 1985…it left not 1 but 3 different endings to choose from. Due to this ending(s), many people where either upset or confused about the way the movie was being portrayed. However, whether your a fan of the board game or not…the comedic talent of the cast and the surprise twists in the plot makes this a funny and worth-while adventure to take. Destined to become a cult classic!!!


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